Change Your Perspective
Break out of your cocoon and get close-up looks at other parts of the state, starting with these three destinations

The Rio Grande meanders through Boquillas Canyon, sometimes not so gently.
Laurence Parent

Getaways should offer some measures of exhilaration and opportunities to broaden your mind and leave your cares behind. Our writers took in dramatically different experiences along the Texas-Mexico border plus a quiet respite in the Hill Country to meet those goals. See if their tales take you places you might want to visit.


Boquillas Canyon: Our Curving, Carving Border
Kayakers venture down the Rio Grande, where the world shrinks into Boquillas Canyon


Mission: Grand Central Station for Butterflies
Migration moves hundreds of species through Valley town (plus close-up looks at creepy crawlers can arouse the butterflies in your belly)


Utopia: Rugged, Refined and Totally Texas
Plenty to see and do in this part of the Hill Country—whether you’re on foot, horseback or motorcycle