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Web Extras

April 2018 Web Extras

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Texas History

Rousting the Rustlers

Cattle raisers’ organization employs special rangers to fight centuries-old crime

Texas USA

A Mother’s Day Haven

Share the ritual of afternoon tea in a garden-like Northeast Texas setting


In-Your-Face Flights

Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

Co-ops in the Community

Responding to Tragedy

Guadalupe Valley EC sends help after Sutherland Springs church tragedy

Co-op People

Solar-Powered Speedsters

Greenville High students shoot for another win at Solar Car Challenge


Route in Doubt

Legendary Chisholm Trail celebrated (wherever it was)


What the Devil?

Exploring Lucifer’s pointed influence on naming Texas places, critters and plants

Texas History

A Texan Saves French Wines

Viticulturist Thomas Volney Munson’s living legacy is on display in Denison


Pop and Spike

Widowed Indiana farmer moves to Texas, where new life blossoms

TCP Kitchen

­Breakfast Pastries

Greet the day with a treat hot from the oven

TCP Kitchen

Luck of the Irish: Potatoes

Readers share their favorite ways to prepare this starchy staple

TCP Kitchen

Peanut Butter + Chocolate: A Love Story

When these flavors join forces, it’s like a match made in heaven

TCP Kitchen

Nourishing Soups

Perfect for fighting off a cold—or just a cold winter day

Hit the Road

Where Birders Perch

World Birding Center spans nine sites along Rio Grande Valley

Hit the Road

Ancient Watering Hole

Lubbock Lake Landmark is an archaeological preserve on the High Plains

Hit the Road

Standing Tall Once Again

Hotel Settles, revived and modernized, casts glow upon downtown Big Spring

Hit the Road

Weekend in The Woodlands

Natural experiences weave in well with downtown development

Energy Efficiency

Seven Steps to a Safer, Spotless Spring

Clean and beautify your home with care

Energy Efficiency

Laundry Day Savings

Save money with these laundry tips


Keep Kids and Sitter Safe

Prepare your home for security of all inside

Energy Efficiency

Sources of the Dreaded ‘Vampire Loads’

Many household electronics continue to use electricity even when you think they’re off