• Read The Winters of Their Lives
  • Read Your Best Grilled Cheese
  • Read Connecting Your Home
  • Read Focus on Texas: Tractors
  • Read Driving With Hope
  • The Winters of Their Lives

    They come from colder climes, and while they’re here, Winter Texans volunteer and spread warmth

  • Your Best Grilled Cheese

    This yummy, easy sandwich is beloved by most everyone—but you should see what makes these extra special

  • Connecting Your Home

    High-tech devices allow you to control lights, appliances and air conditioning wirelessly

  • Focus on Texas: Tractors

    These ubiquitous countryside workhorses become poignant works of art when seen in the right light

  • Driving With Hope

    How the power of negative thinking got us to Tennessee and back

Web Extras

June 2018 Web Extras

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Adventure Capitalism

Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

Co-op People

A Toad’s Abode

Bluebonnet EC members work to save endangered species

Texas USA

Electric Highway

An introduction to road-tripping in an electric vehicle

Texas History

Bear Dogs of El Paso

Extinct ancestor of modern dogs once roamed Texas


East Texas Mojo

Writer Joe R. Lansdale’s gritty Pineywoods fiction captivates Hollywood and international fans


Naturally Protective

Laura Bush and the conservation-minded organization Texan by Nature aim to keep Texas, Texas

Texas History

A Texan Saves French Wines

Viticulturist Thomas Volney Munson’s living legacy is on display in Denison


What the Devil?

Exploring Lucifer’s pointed influence on naming Texas places, critters and plants


Pop and Spike

Widowed Indiana farmer moves to Texas, where new life blossoms

TCP Kitchen

Your Best Grilled Cheese

This yummy, easy sandwich is beloved by most everyone—but you should see what makes these extra special

TCP Kitchen

Cake Walk

What better way to celebrate graduations, baby and bridal showers, and mom than with a luscious, beautiful homemade cake?

TCP Kitchen

­Breakfast Pastries

Greet the day with a treat hot from the oven

TCP Kitchen

Luck of the Irish: Potatoes

Readers share their favorite ways to prepare this starchy staple

Hit the Road

Happy in Hico

Hints of history and legend pepper modern life in northern Hill Country town

Hit the Road

Presidential Aspirations

Denison invites visitors to tour Eisenhower’s birthplace

Hit the Road

Where Birders Perch

World Birding Center spans nine sites along Rio Grande Valley

Hit the Road

Ancient Watering Hole

Lubbock Lake Landmark is an archaeological preserve on the High Plains

Energy Efficiency

Not All Air Filters Are Created Equal

Breathe easier by investing in high-quality filters

Energy Safety

New Tech Requires New Mindfulness

Every device powered by electricity calls for safety

Energy Efficiency

Seven Steps to a Safer, Spotless Spring

Clean and beautify your home with care

Energy Efficiency

Laundry Day Savings

Save money with these laundry tips