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Web Extras

September 2018 Web Extras

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Hill Country Ramble

Culture and fun in this scenic swath of Central Texas


Frontier Texas

Where the West—and the Texas Forts Trail—begins

Texas USA

Trees That Speak

Marked trees that revealed resources to nomadic Comanche still stand

Texas History

Marvels of Horsepower

Blanco’s Buggy Barn Museum takes a turn into the 19th century

September 2018 Photo Contest

Focus on Texas: Wedding Funnies

Photos to love and to cherish—for better or for worse


Turning Pages

Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

Co-op People

Fit To Print

President of Lea County EC board earns spot in New Mexico Press Association Hall of Fame


Trying To Be Cool

For generations, escaping the brutal Texas heat was hardly a breeze


All the State’s a Stage

The history, myths and wild spirit of Texas provide fertile ground for Shakespeare performances

TCP Kitchen

All Hail the Cookie Jar

It’s OK to get caught with your hand in this cookie jar, where you’ll find the best treats our readers have to offer

TCP Kitchen

The Secret to Salsa

With temperatures sweltering, we raise the bar with another kind of heat

TCP Kitchen

How Do You Like Your Shrimp?

You can never have too many options when it comes to serving Gulf shrimp, right?

TCP Kitchen

Your Best Grilled Cheese

This yummy, easy sandwich is beloved by most everyone—but you should see what makes these extra special

Hit the Road

Houston, We Have a Road Trip

Bay Area Houston offers a glimpse at Mars and a historic battleground

Hit the Road

Lolling Around Luling

Town with tough reputation still basks in benevolence of its oil history

Hit the Road

Redemption in the Desert

A last-minute escape to Marathon offers inviting surprises

Hit the Road

Happy in Hico

Hints of history and legend pepper modern life in northern Hill Country town


Plan Your Fire Escape Strategy

Developing a plan now can keep your family safe in an emergency

Energy Efficiency

Top Five Energy Users in Your Home

A starting point for savings


Summer Safety Hodgepodge

Protect yourself—from the sun, from insects and around fireworks

Energy Efficiency

Not All Air Filters Are Created Equal

Breathe easier by investing in high-quality filters

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