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To my mother’s way of preparing hearty and flavorful meals with simple ingredients on a shoestring budget for our family of seven.
Debora Marino, United Cooperative Services | Kopperl

To my retirement 30 years beforehand.
Thomas Alan Moore | Via Facebook

To my parents telling me to enjoy childhood because once you’re an adult, you’re an adult FOREVER.
Kay Ray | Via Facebook

To the fine print.
Gary L. Galloway, Tri-County EC | Weatherford

When he said “sign here” at the draft board.
Ed Fahsholtz | Via Facebook

To believing the first guy who said to me, “I love you.”
Carol Anne Mercer, Grayson-Collin EC | Fairview

When my father was sick.
Judy Pickel | Via Facebook

When my teachers said, “This may be on the test.”
Jim Huff, Rusk County EC | Carthage

Too mi inglish tesher.
Pam Plunkett | Via Facebook

To my mother and not given her so much flak when I was a teenager.
Sallie McNeill, Farmers EC | Wylie

In math class.
Cheryl Burrer Price | Via Facebook

To my high school home economics teachers.
Sandra Richins, CoServ | Frisco

To who I voted for.
Marshall Jones | Via Facebook

When my grandparents and elderly parents told stories about our family history.
Theresa Phinney, Bryan Texas Utilities | College Station

To my grandparents’ stories.
Jill Schroeder | Via Facebook

When I was 5 years old, my big brother convinced me to pee on an electric fence.
B. Eaton, HILCO EC | Midlothian

In wood shop.
Dave Woodruff | Via Facebook

To what my mama told me.
Krissy McCutcheon, Pedernales EC | Leander

To weather reports.
Janet Rodriguez | Via Facebook

To my wife and children instead of my Air Force career. Flying is fun, but families are eternal. I learned almost too late to forget the job and chasing promotions and spend more time with my children.
Kevin M. Schafer, Tri-County EC | Azle

To my mom’s sewing and cooking.
Karen Harvey | Via Facebook

To my parents and teachers.
Barry Stevens, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

To what my accountant was doing.
Mary Ann Kotara Schirmer | Via Facebook

When I bought my home. No attic insulation. It’s very hot.
Sylvia Rosenbaum, Nueces EC | Orange Grove

And attended college.
RhondaNova Utley | Via Facebook

To my grandparents (born 1909, 1878, 1888) to learn more about my ancestry and the everyday life they led and to my dad just because.
Denise Imhoff, Guadalupe Valley EC | Kingsbury

To what my parents told me when I was growing up.
Everett Holloway | Via Facebook

To the fact that we should not eat sugar and processed foods.
Diane Gulden, CoServ | Bartonville

But I got distracted by a funny event.
Wanda Callella | Via Facebook

When my parents, aunts and uncles spoke of family history. Now, sadly, there is no one left to ask for specifics.
Clara Bartek, Fayette EC | Weimar

Learning how to make tamales and tortillas from Angie.
Elaine Rodriguez | Via Facebook

To my granddad’s stories about being a cowboy and living around American Indians near what is now Breckenridge. He was born in 1874.
Jimmy Alexander, Taylor EC | Potosi

To the beauty of all the everyday moments in my life.
Minnie Birdsong | Via Facebook

When my mama taught me how to write poems.
Eide Bluntzer, Nueces EC | Robstown

To the elephant in the room.
Sherri Kay | Via Facebook

To my mom and dad.
Jesus Davalos, Pedernales EC | Fischer

In math class.
Neda Jumper | Via Facebook

When my dad, who is gone now, talked about his childhood. All of his family who would know are now gone, too, so there’s no one to ask.
Diane Simmons-King, United Cooperative Services | Joshua

At the age of 73, I think it’s fine as it is. “I should have paid more attention.” ’Nuff said.
Jim McEvers | Via Facebook

To my parents and grandparents, who told me to save and to spend less than I make.
Ron Tietz, Medina EC | Real County

When instructed to unplug the thing before working on it.
Therese Parsons | Via Facebook

When my grandparents or any elders sat down and reminisced about stories from their past. Now with digital technology, I grab my smartphone and begin recording their interesting recollections, facial expressions and voices. The recorded history, knowledge and memories are priceless.
Cheryl Moy McMahan, Pedernales EC | New Braunfels

To a lot of things.
Peggy Sue Dillard | Via Facebook

To my mother’s warnings.
Tony Murphy, Trinity Valley EC | Heartland

To cooking like my aunt and grandma did.
Delores Fields | Via Facebook

When my grandparents and parents were telling me stories of growing up, serving in the war, struggles of the Depression, etc. I wish now I had written down or recorded what they said and that I had asked more questions.
Marla Horn, CoServ | Frisco

In history class. I am not sure where a lot of countries are located. I’m also not sure where a lot of the states are located. One thing I do know, though, is how to find out.
Louise Stevens Kerr | Via Facebook

To my parents when I was growing up.
Sheryl Truss, United Cooperative Services | Stephenville

To my grandparents’ stories about their lives.
Lora Horton | Via Facebook

When my mom talked about growing up in small-town Texas during the Depression and World War II.
Wilda Smith, Pedernales EC | San Marcos

To my dad.
Nancy Bellows | Via Facebook

When my dad and uncle would talk of old times when they were young and growing up during the 1940s. Makes you really appreciate what you have.
Tina Leslie, Houston County EC | Crockett

To my instincts.
Donna Tredway | Via Facebook

To my children’s sacraments.
Rosalinda Saenz Ram, Nueces EC | Robstown

To my college professors.
LeAnn M. Holt, Collin-Grayson EC | Allen

When wise family members spoke to me as I grew up.
Brenda Langehennig, South Plains EC | Lubbock

To that patch of bluebonnets and wildflowers before they built a service station on top of them.
Stephanie Stokes, Houston County EC | Evant

Everything. Beauty is everywhere, and missing a single moment is a sad thought.
Emilee Ensminger, Tri-County EC | Fort Worth

When I thought I was paying attention.
Rick Moscicki, HILCO EC | Midlothian

When they taught history.
Amy Colson, Bandera and Pedernales ECs | Rocksprings and Boerne

When my grandmother would make her cream-style corn from scratch with fresh homegrown corn from off their farm in Cost. It was so thick and delicious. A spoon would stand straight up in it.
Paula Morgan, Central Texas EC | Llano

When the oil light came on in my 1947 Studebaker. Blew the engine.
Ross Schumann, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs

To that stock tip to buy
Mark Browning, Sam Houston EC | Goodrich

To my children when I worked days and attended college nights to earn three college degrees.
Donald J. Edmonston, Bluebonnet EC | Brenham

When my grandmother tried to teach me to quilt.
Kenda Richardson, South Plains EC | Lubbock

To the red light at 4th and Elm.
Brent Robinson, Fort Belknap EC | Graham

To my sister when she was in Vietnam and then Desert Storm. It really changed her.
Linda Flynn, Pedernales EC | Burnet

To my grandparents about their life experiences and stories.
Belinda Halfin, San Bernard EC | Bellville

To my grandmother’s wise words.
Penny Wade, Pedernales EC | Menard

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