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Wood County EC lineman survives whirlwind to get home for twins’ births

Twins Braxten, left, and Casen celebrate their first birthdays September 1.
IMAGE: Kylie O’Neal | Wood County EC

On his pregnant wife’s birthday last year, Casey Walls wasn’t celebrating. Instead, the Wood County Electric Cooperative lineworker was packing his bags August 28, preparing for long days of hard work after Hurricane Laura left tens of thousands of East Texas electric cooperative members in the dark.

Walls wasn’t worried either because Shea wasn’t due until November.

But around 5 a.m. about four days into his trip, Walls was awakened by his cellphone, which showed dozens of missed calls. His father was on the line. Shea had gone into labor hours earlier. Walls rushed to Tyler, where Shea gave birth just 20 minutes after he arrived.

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