Texas USA

Twist in the Wind

Dust devils, common in West Texas, turn up wherever atmospheric conditions are just right


Crape Murder

As healthy trees are hacked in the prime of their lives, an expert pleads: “Stop the madness!”

Texas USA

On Board the Elissa

Sailing the historic tall ship out of Galveston is a hands-on experience


Lazarus the Bug

The wonders of ironclad beetles seem to include an ability to return from the dead

Texas USA

Guiding Your Garden

Enjoy the late bloomers as you prepare for spring


Which Big Bend?

West Texas explorers have many answers to this enduring question


Russian Interference

Tumbleweeds—stray pests from Siberia and icons of loneliness—sometimes gang up on civilization

Texas USA

Backyard Buffet

Selective gardening nourishes next generation of butterflies

Hit the Road

A Close-Up With Nature

Corpus Christi botanical gardens put visitors eye to eye with flora and fauna


A Hidden Man’s Gem

Eccentric hermit Elmer Kleb helped transform his family homestead near Houston into a woodland preserve

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