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Garland Gets Rescued
CoServ linemen coax cat out of tree

CoServ Lineman Andrew Pierce rescues co-op member Tess Haranda’s cat from a tree in Flower Mound.
IMAGE: Courtesy of CoServ Electric

Garland the cat had been stuck in a tree for 48 hours when owner Tess Haranda called her electric cooperative for help.

The Flower Mound resident explained to a CoServ Electric customer service representative that her cat had dashed 30 feet up a tree during a storm and would not come down.

“In nearly 30 years with CoServ, I’d never heard of such a request,” said Debby Ishee, a CoServ manager, who contacted dispatch to check crews’ availability.

Linemen Chad Marshall and Andrew Pierce agreed to stop by Haranda’s house on their way back from a service call. Once on the scene with a bucket truck, the men had Garland the cat on the ground within minutes.

“Thank you CoServ for saving my kitten today,” Haranda wrote on Facebook. “I’m so happy!”

Watch a video of the rescue here or on our Facebook page.

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