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TVEC Announces Youth Tour Winners
Two Crandall High School students set for D.C. experience

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    Tutu Bodede and her mother are all smiles after Tutu was named a winner to attend the 2019 Government-in-Action Youth Tour this June in Austin and Washington D.C.
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    Senior Timothy Bogan celebrates his selection to be part of the 2019 Government-in-Action Youth Tour with family members at Crandall High School.

Of all the entries for the 2019 Government-in-Action Youth Tour contest, it was two Crandall High School students whose essays were the winners. CHS senior Timothy Bogan and junior Tutu Bodede achieved the two best scores from independent judges and will enjoy a nine-day trip to Austin and Washington D.C. for their efforts.

The pair will join more than 150 other Texas students in Austin before heading to D.C. for a week of educational opportunities, interaction with government officials, co-op related events and sight-seeing.

In his entry, Bogan noted that he was excited to see the country’s founding documents and visit the Smithsonian Institution museums.

“I revere our founding documents and national institutions, “ Bogan said. “The importance of America’s Constitution cannot be overstated.”

Bodede is keen to dig into United States history in a place history is made every day.

“U.S. history allows us to reflect upon the consequences—both good and bad—of other people’s actions,” she said. “It is then up to us to decide which actions are worth continuing and which are better left in the past.”

The Youth Tour event was started in 1957, inspired by U.S. Senator Lyndon Johnson, who expressed a desire for young people to, “actually see what the flag stands for and represents.”

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