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The Faces Behind Your Power
A Message from CEO Mark Rollans

Our employees are the best around. I can say that without hesitation, and I believe it with every fiber of my being. That belief is only bolstered when I read comments left on member surveys. Over and over, we read about the kindness of our employees or how they went above and beyond.

This month we recognize a special group of employees: the linemen, who are out in all weather and at all hours, ensuring that power keeps flowing to your home and business.

April 8 is recognized as Lineman Appreciation Day by cooperatives across the country. With a job description that includes being comfortable working 40 feet in the air for long hours in all types of weather and dangerous conditions while providing excellent customer service, I think it is fitting that linemen should get a day of recognition separate from other employees.

Being a lineman is not something that many would sign up for. Fortunately for Medina EC members, our team of linemen embrace the challenges the job brings. They know it is not if there will be an outage but when. And normally that when occurs in bad weather, with their family dinner about to be put on the table, or not long after they have gotten home and finally drifted back to sleep after being called out for a different outage.

Perhaps you’ve seen them working during a storm and thanked them. Perhaps you’ve woken up one morning to realize you had an outage during the night that you never knew about.

It’s the linemen that often miss out on sleep or important moments with their families while they work in bad weather to make sure you have power. They are the unsung heroes who stand at the ready to respond to outages caused by storms, vehicle accidents, rogue animals and anything else that may knock out power.

And for that, it’s all of us who say thank you.

Hats off to the linemen!

Recognizing Our Linemen

Allen Boehme, Hondo, 42 years

Ricky Falcon, Rio Grande City, 40 years

Kerry Baxter, Uvalde, 36 years

Natividad “Ace” Gaucin, Hondo, 34 years

Greg Robinson, Uvalde, 31 years

Eusebio “Seb” Suarez, Uvalde, 27 years

Joe Flores, Uvalde, 26 years

Norby Salazar, Dilley, 26 years

Scott Schulte, Hondo, 26 years

Ricardo Garza, Rio Grande City, 25 years

Jack Hagan, Hondo, 24 years

Edward Varnador, Dilley, 24 years

Jason Cunningham, Hondo, 21 years

Reuben Ayala, Dilley, 18 years

Raymond Schawe, Hondo, 17 years

Pat Garza, Rio Grande City, 16 years

Armando Castillo, Bruni, 15 years

Chris Muennink, Hondo, 15 years

Raymond Sendejo, Uvalde, 15 years

Albert Vela, Bruni, 15 years

Raul Portillo, Rio Grande City, 12 years

Jorge Zapata, Rio Grande City, 12 years

Jason Gomez, Uvalde, 11 years

Mario Lopez, Bruni, 11 years

Ben Garcia, Uvalde, 8 years

Serapio Guzman, Uvalde, 8 years

Juan “John” Rodriguez, Rio Grande City, 8 years

Luis Hinojosa, Rio Grande City, 7 years

Mario Molina, Dilley, 7 years

Elias Tobias, Laredo, 7 years

Leonel Lira Jr., Laredo, 6 years

Josue “Josh” Perez, Bruni, 6 years

Tony Banda Jr., Dilley, 5 years

Eric Hinojosa, Rio Grande City, 5 years

Taylor Stacy, Hondo, 5 years

Martin Gonzales, Dilley, 4 years

Felipe Moreno, Laredo, 4 years

Dilan Santillan, Bruni, 4 years

Ruben Ybarra, Uvalde, 3 years

Marcus Cortez, Dilley, 2 years

David Hernandez, Dilley, 2 years

Jose “Ben” Falcon, Rio Grande City, 2 years

Baldo Solis, Rio Grande City, 2 years

Isaac Solis, Hondo, 1 year

Joe Stone, Dilley, 1 year

Mario Factor, Laredo, 1 year

Jorge Gonzalez, Hondo, 1 year

Marco Gonzalez, Uvalde, 1 year

Joselito Morales, Dilley, 1 year



These former linemen now oversee crews in all offices.


Oscar Chapa, 31 years

Leonard Geyer, 25 years

Mark Howard, 35 years



These are former linemen who now use their experience in other areas within the cooperative.


Fidel Aranda

Israel Bazan

Derly Carrizales

Ricky Cerna

Eduardo Chapa

Joel Gonzales

Chris Groff

Michael Harkins

Fernando Rangel

Oscar Reyes

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