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Special touches and flavors make for exceptional holiday meals

    TCP Kitchen

    Cookie Swap

    Get to know people and recipes with a sweet exchange

    TCP Kitchen

    Buckles, Betties, Cobblers and Crisps

    That’s lots of names for turning fruit and a crunchy topping into irresistible treats

    TCP Kitchen

    Game Day Eats

    We’ve got you covered, from tailgating to the fourth quarter

    TCP Kitchen

    Cool Foods

    Chill out with salads, slaws and sauerkraut

    TCP Kitchen

    Hot Off the Grill

    The smoke and sizzle signal something special is on the grill; here’s what we recommend

    TCP Kitchen

    Texas Wine Harvest

    Texas has more than 350 wineries, and their vintages can add the perfect touch to these dishes

    TCP Kitchen

    Spring Celebrations

    We know gatherings have been put on hold by social distancing and COVID-19, so save these recipes for the joyous occasions to come

    TCP Kitchen

    Farmers Market

    With a trove of vegetables in season, we offer a variety of dishes featuring ingredients fresh from the market

    TCP Kitchen

    Crawfish, Oysters, Crab and More

    Co-op cooks come up with creative ways to showcase Texas’ bounty of seafood


    Sweet Memories

    Visits to panaderías for pan dulce create cherished family bonds in Mexican American culture

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