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Photo Contests

Focus on Texas: On the Ranch
It takes grit to run a ranch but, for some, it is the only way to live here in Texas. For the May issue, show us what makes ranch life special.
Focus on Texas: Feedin’ Time
Throw open the barn doors and keep your pitchforks handy. June is feedin’ time on the farm and we want to see what you and your family do each day to care for your animals.
Focus on Texas: Trucks
Navigating dirt roads and hauling heavy loads, trucks are modern workhorses. This July, we want to see how Texans keep on truckin’.
Focus on Texas: Family Ties
Aunts, grandpas, half-step-cousins twice removed, friends who are family and all the rest have a special place deep in the hearts of Texans. Our August issue examines the ties that bind.
Focus on Texas: Texas Vacation
Where do you hurry off to each summer for something new and exciting? Do you vacation somewhere for the holidays? Drop on by and show off those spectacular vacation shots for September.
Focus on Texas: Giving Back
Volunteer work comes in all shapes and sizes these days. For our October issue, show how you and your friends make a difference where you live.

Recipe Contests

Standout Summer Sides
We’re all fired up to feature awesome sidekicks to serve with ribs, burgers and more. Please share your stories and your recipes for a chance to win $100 and a Texas Co-op Power apron. We’ll publish the winners in the June issue.
Cooking With Texas Gulf Shrimp
We’re casting a net for the state’s tastiest shrimp dishes. The best recipe could win you $100 and a Texas Co-op Power apron. We’ll publish our picks in the July issue.
Here’s the Beef
Burgers, fajitas or tenderloin—we’re looking for inspired recipes from beef-loving Texans. Submit your tried-and-true recipes for a shot at $100, bragging rights and a Texas Co-op Power apron. The winner will be featured in the August issue.
Happy Hours
We’re kicking off fall with the best appetizers for game day, parties or family movie night. This month’s winner will receive $100 and a Texas Co-op Power apron, and we’ll run our favorites in the September issue.
Company Dinner
When you’re stepping up your dinner game for guests, what do you serve? Your signature recipe could earn you a cool $100 if it’s our favorite. The winner also receives a Texas Co-op Power apron. Our picks will run in the October issue.

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