Show us your best! Every month, co-op members’ winning photos and recipes are featured in the magazine and online. Plus, be sure to enter our special annual contests for your chance to win!

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Photo Contests

Focus on Texas: Forests
If you can’t see the forest for the trees, take a hike (and maybe a climb) and show us what you see. For January, we’re not ones to get sappy, but we do want to see your forest favorites.
Focus on Texas: Saddles
We’re back in the saddle this month asking for your best photos. For February, don’t get on your high horse. Just chute us your best images of family, friends and neighbors riding tall in the saddle.
Focus on Texas: Diners
Greasy spoons, cafés, dives, juke joints, wherever you like to chow down we want to see it. For March, show us where you and your family go for hearty comfort food.
Focus on Texas: Storms
Through hail, cyclones, downpours, hurricanes, snowstorms and cloudbursts, it’s clear that Texans can weather any storm. For April, be our port in the storm and guide us to your favorites brewing on the horizon.

Recipe Contests

Quick Breads and Muffins
Do you love muffins? Does your family go crazy for your quick breads? Send us your tried-and-true favorites or heirloom recipes for a shot at $500, bragging rights and a Texas Co-op Power apron. The winner will be featured in the February issue.
One thing is sure about Texans: We love our tacos. Whether you love them soft, crunchy or puffy, our readers want to know more. Enter your recipes today for a chance to win $500 and a Texas Co-op Power apron, then look for the winners in the March issue.
Fresh herbs can uplift almost any dish. From basil to rosemary and dill to mint, we’re looking for your best recipes using herbs. We’ll award our favorite $500 and a Texas Co-op Power apron, and the best entries will be featured in the April issue.
Potluck Dishes
Summer means potlucks, parties and backyard barbecues. Share your favorite dish to grace the buffet with or pass around at neighborhood gatherings. This month’s winner will receive $500 and a Texas Co-op Power apron, and we’ll run our favorites in the May issue.

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