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Photo Contests

Focus on Texas: Manmade vs. Nature
Artificial, fabricated, manufactured, synthetic and industrial items surround us in our daily lives. Over time, the landscape slowly reclaims what man has made. For June, show us where the natural and the manmade compete or combine into something special.
Focus on Texas: Night Life
Do you prefer to take in the swirl of activity at a lively nightclub, or to enjoy the cool night air on a moonlit porch? For July, show us what creatures you encounter on those starry Texas nights.
Focus on Texas: Portraits
Snapshots, silhouettes, profiles and more. Who makes up your community? For August, show us the faces you encounter in your world.
Focus on Texas: Rust and Decay
Old chains, buckets, car parts, machinery and more; the objects that once played a part in our lives are now silent reminders of our past. For September, show us the beauty of things discarded and taken over by rust or decay.

Recipe Contests

Ice Creams and Sorbets
Cool down for the summer with a frozen treat. Send us your best recipes for ice creams, sorbets, popsicles and other frosty indulgences. You could win a cool $500 if it’s our favorite, along with a Texas Co-op Power apron. Our picks will run in the July issue.
Kids Cooking
Do you have a mini master chef in your life? If your kids or grandkids love to get into the kitchen, submit their best concoction. We’ll award our favorite $500 and a Texas Co-op Power apron, and the best entries will be featured in the August issue.
Sweet Potatoes
There’s more to sweet potatoes than holiday casseroles. We want your tried-and-true soups, salads, baked goods and side dishes. The best recipe could win you $500 and a Texas Co-op Power apron. We’ll publish our picks in the September issue.
Ooey, gooey, savory and even sweet, cheese is an ingredient that spans a range of recipes. Its versatility is perfect for fall events and holiday celebrations. Your signature recipe could earn you a cool $500 if it’s our favorite. The winner also receives a Texas Co-op Power apron. Our picks will run in the October issue.

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