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Photo Contests

Focus on Texas: Up the Creek
Children and adults alike love spending time exploring Texas’ creeks and streams and the wildlife found there. November is the time to appreciate the nature in our own backyards.
Focus on Texas: Deserts
An oasis in the desert, your winning photo is just what we need. For December, show us all the flowers, animals, insects and scenery you can find in the Texas desert.
Focus on Texas: Fences
They say good fences make good neighbors, and those who mend them make lasting connections. For January, show us your posts, barbed wire, gates and locks. … Just don’t fence me in.
Focus on Texas: Power
Man-made or natural, power drives industry and improves our world. Lives are given and plays are made in pursuit of it. For February, we want to know what powers you.
Focus on Texas: First Ride
Carnival rides, cars, trucks, bikes, boats, trains, planes, horses, ATVs, jet skis and more. It’s clear that Texans are born to ride! For the March issue, come along for the ride. It’s gonna be a good one.
Focus on Texas: Sunsets
Like a warm pat of butter melting on a biscuit, a sunset captivates young and old alike. For April, pour up some sun tea and sit a spell as we enjoy some heavenly closing numbers as wide as the Texas sky.

Recipe Contests

Cookies and Candies
To complement this month’s visions of sugar plums, send sublime sweets recipes to savor or share. Please share your stories and your recipes for a chance to win $100 and a Texas Co-op Power apron. We’ll publish the winners in the December issue.
New Year’s Resolution
On January 1, lots of people moderate food and drink intake to recover from holiday excess. Many find that healthier eating can still be delicious. Share the soups, smoothies and other dishes that get you back in balance. Our favorite recipe could win you $100 and a Texas Co-op Power apron. We’ll publish our picks in the January issue.
Forget Chocolate, My Sweetie Likes …
Not everyone is wild about chocolate. What unexpected treat do you make for your valentine? Submit your tried-and-true recipes for a shot at $100, bragging rights and a Texas Co-op Power apron. The winner will be featured in the February issue.
Crawfish, Oysters, Crab and More
March is prime time for Texas seafood, before Gulf waters warm up. Send us your favorite ways to prepare and serve our coastal bounty. This month’s winner will receive $100 and a Texas Co-op Power apron, and we’ll run our favorites in the March issue.
Farmers Market
From field peas to fresh lettuce, a trove of vegetables is in season. Send your favorite veggie-driven recipe made with Texas produce. Your signature recipe could earn you a cool $100 if it’s our favorite. The winner also receives a Texas Co-op Power apron. Our picks will run in the April issue.
Spring Celebrations
May is prime time for bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, graduations and more. Send in the celebratory dish or dessert you serve to rave reviews. Enter your recipes today for a chance to win $100 and a Texas Co-op Power apron, then look for the winners in the May issue.

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