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Rates and Specifications

Texas Co-op Power offers several ways to reach our audience—with distribution options that offer the right rate for your business.

For businesses looking to reach our 3.5 million readers, a statewide advertisement is both efficient and cost-effective.

If your market is one or more of our five geographical regions, a regional advertisement is a targeted way to be part of Texas’ largest circulating monthly magazine at a lower price point.

Combine your print advertising with our digital opportunities—website ads, e-newsletter ads and sponsorships—to create a robust marketing campaign.

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In print since 1944, Texas Co-op Power has earned the trust of our loyal readers. On average, readers spend over 35 minutes with each issue—and they trust what they read. In fact, according to a recent MRI study, 93% of readers say that they are very likely or somewhat likely to trust an advertisement in Texas Co-op Power over advertisements in other magazines.

When readers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

Each issue of Texas Co-op Power magazine includes award-winning stories on Texas towns, people, travel, history and food. A special customized portion of the magazine is dedicated to information from 60 different local markets, keeping the information close to home.

No other publication can deliver an audience of this size as efficiently and affordably as Texas Co-op Power.

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