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Make-Ahead Holiday Helpers

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Contest ends June 10, 2016

When the holidays crunch your schedule, having a few ready-made dishes to heat up can feel like a holiday miracle. Share your make-ahead holiday recipes with us for a chance to win $100. We’ll publish the winner in the November issue.

Breakfast for Dinner

Contest ends August 10, 2016

Eating breakfast food at dinnertime is always a special occasion! Eggs, waffles, whatever—send us the recipes that let you eat the most important meal twice in a day. The best recipe wins $100, and we’ll publish our picks in the January 2017 issue.


Focus on Texas: Gone Fishin’

Contest ends May 10, 2016

Whether your fishing trip makes you feel like a big fish in a small pond or a fish out of water, capture the moment and we will fish out our favorites in September.

Focus on Texas: Creepy Crawlies

Contest ends June 10, 2016

As Halloween draws near, there are lots of little creatures that give us the creeps, make our flesh crawl, and bug us. Not to be pests, but in October we want to see what makes you squirm.