Darting Around Texas

With open minds and unpracticed aim, we scattered about the state, our destinations determined by the toss of a dart

Start With Rosemary

Ready supply of garden-fresh produce lends to variety of ingredients in roasted vegetable soup recipe

We Live in a Different World

50 years ago, the Civil Rights Act paved the way for blacks in America to dream of a better life

Focus on Texas: Friendship

Join us, won’t you, as we share photos sent in by friends of ours

The Unbroken Peace Treaty

German immigrants around Fredericksburg negotiate lasting accord with Comanches in 1847

Texas Stories

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Read King of Thrones

King of Thrones

94-year-old former plumber’s Toilet Seat Art Museum is flush with creativity


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Read Take it Outside!

Take it Outside!

June is a good time for a party dish shared outdoors


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Read Fort Stockton

Fort Stockton

Just south of Interstate 10 lie remnants of namesake Army base and resting spot for frontier travelers


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Read Volts That Float

Volts That Float

Startup plans to harness wind power by sending turbines aloft