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An Online Community for Members of Texas Electric Cooperatives

Western Exposure

The photographs of Erwin E. Smith, cowboy photographer

Trolling for Options

Scale back on your usual holiday fare and turn to the sea for a change

Out for the Count

Annual Christmas Bird Count provides thrills for birders, valuable data for Audubon conservation efforts

Focus on Texas: Trains, Planes & Automobiles

You’ve arrived at a place where motion pictures take on a whole new meaning

Confessions of a Head Busboy

A street gang cut me some slack because of how I settled the silverware standoff

Texas Stories

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Read Sentries to a Mystery

Sentries to a Mystery

Scant remains hint at Fort Phantom Hill’s days as a frontier post


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Read Blessed by Cake

Blessed by Cake

Many rituals and traditions are made complete by sharing this dessert

  • Staff Favorites

    We put our special recipes to the test before sharing them with readers

  • Just Chill

    Summer plans needn’t be put on ice because of the heat, just the refreshments, including homemade peach ice cream

  • Start With Rosemary

    Ready supply of garden-fresh produce lends to variety of ingredients in roasted vegetable soup recipe

  • 2013 Holiday Recipe Contest

    Sponsored by the Texas Pecan Board


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Read Relics and Regaling in Brady

Relics and Regaling in Brady

This antique store is like a museum where everything is for sale, though the history lessons are free

  • Drive-By Chronicles

    Make your way from Sam Houston to Bugs Bunny, one historical marker at a time

  • East Texas Autumn

    Martin Dies Jr. State Park: Nature preserve near Jasper beckons as trees along B.A. Steinhagen Lake sprinkle Piney Woods with bursts of fall colors

  • Abilene

    How a kids’ book character helps draw noted author and illustrator William Joyce and the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature to West Texas

  • Fort Stockton

    Just south of Interstate 10 lie remnants of namesake Army base and resting spot for frontier travelers


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Read Recharging Your Body and Your Ride

Recharging Your Body and Your Ride

Bluebonnet EC helps install vehicle charging stations at resort hotel