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  • Read Focus on Texas: In Motion
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  • 35 on 35

    Fascinating food, history and popular culture lure travelers along Interstate 35

  • Focus on Texas: In Motion

    There’s no stopping our readers when it comes to great pics

  • Odessa Meteor Crater

    From discovery to scientific study, immense West Texas site suggests a mystery to unravel

  • Spring Vegetable Salads

    Texas gardens yield asparagus, radishes, peas, lettuce, herbs and more for tasty salads

  • Another Roadside Attraction

    The author introduces her book, The Last Stop, that preserves memories of roadside parks

Texas History

Blizzard of 1957

Howling winds drive deep drifts across Panhandle


A Time for Buttons and Off-The-Cuff Remarks

Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue


Open Hearts

Co-op knitting network draws attention to deadly defects


Stirring Delivery

Recreating the horseback dispatch of William Travis’ Victory or Death letter


The Top Spot

Competitions and camaraderie make 42 the state’s official domino game

Texas History

The New London School Explosion

Disaster caused by natural gas leak claimed nearly 300 lives—mostly students—in 1937

January 2017 Photo Contest

Focus on Texas: Churches

We’re blessed with more great pics, and no need to dress in your Sunday best to enjoy them


Sylvia Mae’s Soul Food

A generation later, Jacksonville diner still offers childhood memories


Long Live the Longleaf

Texas A&M Forest Service nurtures remaining legacy pines and the wildlife they support

Texas History

Galveston’s Immigration Station

Hundreds of thousands of newcomers passed through the “Ellis Island of Texas”

TCP Kitchen

Spring Vegetable Salads

Texas gardens yield asparagus, radishes, peas, lettuce, herbs and more for tasty salads

TCP Kitchen

Ragin’ Cajun

Mardi Gras time! Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!)

TCP Kitchen

Breakfast for Dinner

When the most important meal of the day is too delish to eat just once

TCP Kitchen

2016 Holiday Recipe Contest

Karen Bergman of Trinity Valley EC captures the top prize

Hit the Road

Texas on a Grand Stage

Palo Duro Canyon State Park features natural majesty and theatric pageantry

Hit the Road

Mario Lives

National Videogame Museum in Frisco showcases decades of gaming history

Hit the Road

The Baron’s Burg

Brilliant, resilient spirit of Bastrop is on full display

Hit the Road

Short Stay in Longview

Discover the leisurely heart of downtown


Tips for Tool Time

Practice power tool safety

Energy Safety

Space Heater Safety

Following precautions can help prevent accidents and fires

Energy Efficiency

Energy Savings for Every Season

Keep the heat in now and stay cool during the warm months

Energy Safety

Preventing Electrical Fires

Identify and address issues before they become hazards