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Bailey County EC drops in to help Muleshoe first graders

Technician Matthew Edwards of Bailey County EC dropped dozens of raw eggs encased in a variety of materials dreamed up by first graders to keep the shells from cracking. “We were definitely surprised at which ones survived and which ones didn’t,” said Letti Tovar, principal at Dillman Elementary School in Muleshoe.
IMAGE: Courtesy Bailey County Electric Cooperative

Leave it to first graders to hatch solutions to a fun challenge: Can you drop eggs without breaking them?

Students at Dillman Elementary School in Muleshoe, with help from employees and a bucket truck from Bailey County Electric Cooperative, proved it’s possible.

The kids protected raw eggs with methods that included exoskeletons of straws, boxes with packing, parachutes and even jars of peanut butter—ideas they concocted with their parents, teachers and fellow students. Then technician Matthew Edwards of Bailey County EC went up about 25 feet in the bucket and dropped dozens of them, one at a time. About half of the eggs landed intact.

“Their creativity was amazing,” says Letti Tovar, Dillman principal. “Some of those things I would have never thought of.”

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