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Web Extra: Sharlott Hasty, CoServ: While on a photo scavenger hunt with her camera club, Hasty saw a wedding party sitting on the curb. She asked if she could take a picture, and they happily agreed. They had just renewed their wedding vows after seven years of marriage. Hasty still doesn’t know why they were sitting on the curb.

Several stories in the September magazine feature Web Extras, with additional information and photos available online. Here are links to stories where you’ll find web-exclusive content in videos, slideshows with images and sidebars marked Web Extra.

Hill Country Ramble
Planning your own odyssey through the Texas Hill Country? Our locator map shows you the stops we made.

Frontier Texas
See additional photos from Abilene’s Frontier Texas, where the West—and the Texas Forts Trail—begins.

Recipes: All Hail the Cookie Jar
It’s OK to get caught with your hand in this cookie jar, especially if you’re reaching for a Mexican Pepper Cookie from a Central Texas EC member.

Focus on Texas: Wedding Funnies
More photos to love and to cherish—for better or for worse.

Houston, We Have a Road Trip
Check out more of the sights found around Bay Area Houston.

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