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May 2020 Web Extras
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Web Extra: Paul Lauder, Farmers EC: The Texas Star is one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the U.S. and the most popular ride at the State Fair of Texas.

Several stories in the May magazine feature Web Extras, with additional information and photos available online. Here are links to stories where you’ll find web-exclusive content marked Web Extra.

Firmly Rooted
Visit the Stark Museum of Art online to see more than 600 pieces in its collections.

Cultural Accounting
Learn more about ledger art created by Plains tribes, including detailed research and a lesson plan for engaging and instructing students.

Why Do Dogs Always …
Bark at doorbells on TV even if they’ve never heard a doorbell in real life? See other responses we got as readers finished that sentence.

Spirits of Seguin
Chet has company when he visits the haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin. Check out the video.

Focus on Texas: Fairs and Carnivals
Take in all the fun from the fair—and the best part is, there’s no line.


TAGS: Art, East Texas, History, Nature, Travel

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