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Comanche EC’s general manager started as a member services intern

When Alan Lesley needed an internship to graduate from Tarleton State University in 1997, his dad, a former director at Comanche Electric Cooperative, suggested he see if the co-op needed a trainee. Lesley has been at the co-op ever since.
IMAGE: Comanche EC

Alan Lesley grew up in Downing, northeast of Brownwood, in the 1980s, planning to become a peanut farmer like his father. He went to Tarleton State University and studied agricultural business.

Lesley spent his final semester, in the fall of 1997, as an intern in the member services department at Comanche Electric Cooperative.

It changed his life. Comanche hired Lesley, who became general manager in 2009. “I think the internship was a step in the right direction,” he says. Words of wisdom for today’s interns as we mark National Intern Day on July 25.

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