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August 2021 Web Extras
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Focus on Texas Web Extra: Lin Mayberry, Trinity Valley EC: “I caught this glimpse of my husband deep in thought.”

Several stories in the August magazine feature Web Extras, with additional information and photos available online. Here are links to stories where you’ll find web-exclusive content marked Web Extra.

I Always Laugh When My Dad …
“Jumped up like a kangaroo and rushed into his little hobby room because the bottle caps were popping off some of his homemade beer bottles.” Readers’ pops inspired many amusing ways to finish this sentence.

Channel Your Inner Scientist
Your curiosity and love of nature can further scientific research. We provide a list of exciting opportunities.

Easing Life’s Baggage
See more photos of Hunter Beaton and find easy links to click and donate to Day 1 Bags and nominate a co-op member who demonstrates the Power of Our People.

Head Honcho
Watch the latest video as Chet digs into the delicacies of cow head barbacoa and learns about the smoking process at Vera’s Backyard Bar-B-Que in Brownsville.

Focus on Texas: Portraits
Readers catch close-ups of people they know or have encountered around the state.

TAGS: Food, Nature, People

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