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April 2021 Web Extras
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Focus on Texas Web Extra: Linda Rae, Pedernales EC: “While traveling home from Colorado, my daughter and I followed behind this storm and finally closed in on it just past Dumas at sunset.”

Several stories in the April magazine feature Web Extras, with additional information and photos available online. Here are links to stories where you’ll find web-exclusive content marked Web Extra.

You’re Never Too Old To …
“Put your underwear on backward and inside out. I’m 63 and actually did this recently.” Readers freely admit to and aspire to fascinating ventures and dreams.

The Seed Flourishes
Author Michael Hurd bonds with winemaker Alphonse Dotson over their similar backgrounds and shape-shifting careers.

The Runaway Scrape
Learn where you can see some of the few relics that remain from the Runaway Scrape. Also, did you know the nearly 200-year-old Lynchburg Ferry continues to operate?

Nature’s Nursery
Find out how you can help sea turtles survive.

Heart of the Matter
Chet likes to be in the middle of things. In this case, he’s literally looking for the exact middle of Texas.

Focus on Texas: Storms
This is the best way to see nasty weather: Not out your window but in your favorite magazine. You can almost hear the thunder.

TAGS: History, Nature, People, Travel

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