Texas USA

The Legend of Old Rip

Eastland horny toad was famous for allegedly living 31 years entombed in a courthouse cornerstone

Texas History

An Alternate Reality

John Howard Griffin darkened his skin to try to understand racial attitudes in the South


Another Culture

An author studied family histories and perspectives of the Hill Country community known as the cedar choppers


Cultural Accounting

19th-century drawings offer insight into Plains perspective

Texas History

Horses’ Roundabout Trail

How today’s noble steeds follow in the footsteps of their prehistoric ancestors


The Ranch That Built the Capitol

The short-lived XIT Ranch, the world’s largest, left behind myths as lasting as the edifice it funded

Texas History

Death on Tiny Wings

Mosquito-borne yellow fever terrorized Texas multiple times in the 1800s


The Sneed-Boyce Violent Feud

Love triangle involving wealthy ranching families erupts in bloodshed

Texas History

The Dirt on Soapy

Onetime Texan cleaned up as a nefarious con man and syndicate boss

Texas History

Meat and Greet

Two of Texas’ legendary pitmasters meet for the first time

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