Texas History

Geronimo in San Antonio

After his final capture by the U.S. Army, the Apache leader was detained at a military post


The First Hamburger

Amid uncertainty over the sandwich’s origin, Athens, Texas, holds firm to its claim

Texas History

The Nylon Campaign

Texas Co-op Power has defended electric cooperatives against gossip and graft since 1944

Texas History

Baylor, the Man

Judge and minister is an unlikely namesake for the Baptist university in Waco


The Hazards of Sun and Sea

Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

Texas History

Love From Midland

Born in Texas, silent film actress Bessie Love became a star in Hollywood


Gearing Up

Evolution of safety equipment for electric linemen

Texas History

A Hero in Any Language

Mexican immigrant Marcelino Serna became the most decorated Texan of World War I

Texas History

The Bugs That Make You See Red

Aztecs and Europeans treasured the radiant hue produced by cochineals living on prickly pear cactuses

Texas USA

Convictions and Concrete

Ray’s Ornamental Gardens, a roadside attraction in Stephenville, presented philosophy and art

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