Footnotes in Texas History

A Name That Sticks

Falfurrias—the butter and the town—emerged from South Texas’ King Ranch


Time To Talk About That

Black History Month takes on a sense of urgency this year

Texas USA

Flying Blind

South Texas was home to an early instruments-only commercial flying school

Footnotes in Texas History

The Scariest Bridge in Texas

The steep Rainbow Bridge connecting Port Arthur and Orange is a nightmare for some


Burgs in a New Land

175 years ago, a wave of German immigrants transformed the Texas Hill Country

Footnotes in Texas History

He Gave Us the Stars

An eccentric banker funded the McDonald Observatory against family wishes

Footnotes in Texas History

Toeing the Line

How a Washington connection helped Texas keep a 900-square-mile slice of New Mexico

Texas USA

Oil Field Mysticism

The quest to find buried treasure produced scammers and their gadgets

Footnotes in Texas History

Boomtown Pandemic

The deadly flu outbreak of 1918 hit oil fields hard

Footnotes in Texas History

Davy Crockett’s Fiddle

Did the Alamo legend and frontiersman have musical chops?

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