Footnotes in Texas History

Toeing the Line

How a Washington connection helped Texas keep a 900-square-mile slice of New Mexico

Texas USA

Oil Field Mysticism

The quest to find buried treasure produced scammers and their gadgets

Footnotes in Texas History

Boomtown Pandemic

The deadly flu outbreak of 1918 hit oil fields hard

Footnotes in Texas History

Davy Crockett’s Fiddle

Did the Alamo legend and frontiersman have musical chops?

Texas USA

Ode to Parker Motel

A grandfather’s investment yields vivid memories

Footnotes in Texas History

Empowering Every Vote

Activist Jessie Daniel Ames took on women’s suffrage and lynching

Texas History

A Town Tormented

The 1927 Rocksprings tornado ranks among the state’s deadliest


Another Culture

An author studied family histories and perspectives of the Hill Country community known as the cedar choppers

Texas USA

The Legend of Old Rip

Eastland horny toad was famous for allegedly living 31 years entombed in a courthouse cornerstone

Texas History

An Alternate Reality

John Howard Griffin darkened his skin to try to understand racial attitudes in the South

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