Footnotes in Texas History

Biography of a Word

The label derived from the life of Samuel Maverick has Texas origins

Footnotes in Texas History

Proving Ground

Future presidents crossed the Wild Horse Desert together on a military mission


Learning Rocks

Comstock high school coursework includes rock art research with Shumla archaeologists

Footnotes in Texas History

France’s Beef? Pigs

Ill-mannered hogs ruin France’s attempt at a relationship with the newly independent Texas

Footnotes in Texas History

Stolen Words

While in Texas, author Nelson Algren was a man with a thieving arm

Texas USA

A School Was Here

Memory lane leads to an abandoned Piney Woods schoolyard created by the Rosenwald Fund

Footnotes in Texas History

An Early RGV Mover

Col. Sam Robertson envisioned Boca Chica as the place to launch his highway on the beach

Footnotes in Texas History

Queen Bess Soared

Bessie Coleman slipped from the grips of gravity and Jim Crow to become the first African American female pilot and first Native American female pilot

Footnotes in Texas History

The Hero of Cinco de Mayo

A Texan named Zaragoza led the battle against the French in Mexico


The Runaway Scrape

Exodus of Texians is an unsung episode of the Texas war for independence

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