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Wigs for Kids is real winner in friendly wager

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    Linda Forbus, executive assistant at Rusk County Electric Cooperative, donated her ponytail to Wigs for Kids.
    IMAGE: Dave Urban
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    Rusk County EC’s Linda Forbus shows off the ponytail she donated to Wigs for Kids.

What started out as a friendly competition between Linda Forbus at Rusk County Electric Cooperative and Debbie Dane at Deep East Texas EC over who could grow out their hair fastest grew into a way of helping children.

“Within about six months, she sent a text and said, ‘You win,’ ” says Forbus, who decided to keep on growing.

“I wanted to donate as much as I could, however long it was going to take.”

Four years later, stylist Kayla Yaws of Longview cut Forbus’ hair and saved the ponytail to donate.

“It was 9 inches,” Yaws says. “We measured it!”

The donation to Wigs for Kids could go a long way toward helping a child feel good. Yaws’ salon added the ponytail to a bag of others to be donated.

Forbus’ hair “grew out long and beautiful,” Dane says. “It matches her personality—beautiful.”

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