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    Learning Rocks

    Comstock high school coursework includes rock art research with Shumla archaeologists


    Co-ops Shine

    Members counted on Texas electric co-ops during the deep freeze


TCP Talk

    Web Extras

    October 2021 Web Extras

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    Finish This Sentence

    It’s So Hot …

    Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

    Hit the Road with Chet Garner

    The Grove’s Groove

    Normal is a matter of perspective at a haunted Jefferson home

    TCP Kitchen


    Four dishes, four ways to present the charm of cheese

    October 2021 Photo Contest

    Focus on Texas: Fillin’ Stations

    The pics are old school but enjoying them is self-serve—you’re just a click away


    Cards and Cookies

    Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

    Co-op People

    Eggs-pert Students

    Bailey County EC drops in to help Muleshoe first graders

    Footnotes in Texas History

    Proving Ground

    Future presidents crossed the Wild Horse Desert together on a military mission

    Texas USA

    Clearing the Error

    The risk of getting names wrong casts an uneasy spell over a newsroom


    Not About To Fixate

    We love our old home, even without the wonders a makeover could bring

    Energy Efficiency

    Making Your Home Cozier

    Add attic insulation to cut energy costs by up to 50%

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