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    Second to None

    Texas Tech University’s long-awaited veterinary school begins mission of bolstering rural communities


    Current Events His Way

    When West Hansen needs an escape from society, he just goes with the flow


TCP Talk

    Web Extras

    September 2021 Web Extras

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    Finish This Sentence

    I Should Have Paid More Attention …

    Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

    Hit the Road with Chet Garner

    La Grange’s Tribute

    Monument Hill tomb honors Texians killed in two notable clashes

    TCP Kitchen

    Sweet Potatoes

    Traditional holiday staple proves plenty versatile—from waffles to brownies

    September 2021 Photo Contest

    Focus on Texas: Rust and Decay

    You might not believe the beauty that emerges from the ravages of time


    Deep Thoughts

    Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

    Co-op People

    Earliest Inconvenience

    Wood County EC lineman survives whirlwind to get home for twins’ births

    Footnotes in Texas History

    France’s Beef? Pigs

    Ill-mannered hogs ruin France’s attempt at a relationship with the newly independent Texas

    Texas USA

    Raising the Stakes

    Hill Country ranchers set fences generations ago that are as straight as they are sturdy


    Sowing Perspective

    Getting outdoors grants long-awaited inner peace


    Electrical Safety Basics for Children

    Important lessons to share with youngsters

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