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    Web Extras

    August 2018 Web Extras

    Find exclusive online content from this issue


    Telling Harvey and Others Where To Go

    Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

    TCP Kitchen

    The Secret to Salsa

    With temperatures sweltering, we raise the bar with another kind of heat

    August 2018 Photo Contest

    Focus on Texas: School’s Out

    With only a few more days to chill before that first morning bell, see what the youngsters in our readers’ lives have been up to

    Co-ops in the Community

    Bringing Light to Bolivia

    Lineworkers from Texas co-ops bring power to homes in rural Bolivia

    Texas’ OPEC

    The story of the strangely named and powerful Texas Railroad Commission

    Texas USA

    The Original Texas Songster

    Mockingbirds’ tireless trilling includes mimicry and original tunes


    A Slice of Heaven

    A Texas historian shares a quest for a personal favorite—Key lime pie

    Energy Efficiency

    Top Five Energy Users in Your Home

    A starting point for savings

    Hit the Road

    Lolling Around Luling

    Town with tough reputation still basks in benevolence of its oil history

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