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    The Winters of Their Lives

    They come from colder climes, and while they’re here, Winter Texans volunteer and spread warmth


    Connecting Your Home

    High-tech devices allow you to control lights, appliances and air conditioning wirelessly


TCP Talk

    Web Extras

    June 2018 Web Extras

    Find exclusive online content from this issue


    Adventure Capitalism

    Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

    TCP Kitchen

    Your Best Grilled Cheese

    This yummy, easy sandwich is beloved by most everyone—but you should see what makes these extra special

    June 2018 Photo Contest

    Focus on Texas: Tractors

    These ubiquitous countryside workhorses become poignant works of art when seen in the right light

    Co-op People

    A Toad’s Abode

    Bluebonnet EC members work to save endangered species

    Texas History

    Bear Dogs of El Paso

    Extinct ancestor of modern dogs once roamed Texas

    Texas USA

    Electric Highway

    An introduction to road-tripping in an electric vehicle


    Driving With Hope

    How the power of negative thinking got us to Tennessee and back

    Energy Efficiency

    Not All Air Filters Are Created Equal

    Breathe easier by investing in high-quality filters

    Hit the Road

    Happy in Hico

    Hints of history and legend pepper modern life in northern Hill Country town

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