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    Texas Master Gardeners

    Texas A&M Agrilife Extension program sows cadre of green thumbs around the state


    Home Design Innovation

    Energy-efficient strategies go easy on homeowner expenses and environment


TCP Talk


    United Purpose

    Some topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

    Co-op People

    Cap-ital Idea

    Volunteers knit hats for newborns, raise awareness for heart health

    Energy News

    Save With a DIY Home Energy Audit

    A quick checkup can help identify energy wasters

    Texas USA

    Making of a Coach

    Photographer Tadd Myers’ Portraits of the American Craftsman spotlights stagecoach maker in Paradise


    The Original Crooner

    Texan Gene Austin created a singing style copied by the stars

    Texas History

    The First Texans?

    Recent archaeological discoveries change understanding of earliest inhabitants

    TCP Kitchen

    Touchdown Party Foods

    Score extra points with these dishes on game day

    February 2016 Photo Contest

    Focus on Texas: Better Together

    Do you find these photos captivating? You’re not alone

    Hit the Road

    Hill Country Gem

    Mason combines history and natural treasures for a laid-back getaway

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