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    It’s the Trip of a Lifetime

    Texas’ Government-in-Action Youth Tour students from 1965 to today are still abuzz over whirlwind week in Washington, D.C.


    Light—and So Much More

    Examining the purpose of electric cooperatives in the 21st century—yours and nearly 900 others around the country


TCP Talk


    Targeting Texas

    Some of the stuff we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

    Co-op People

    She Might Be Giving Away the Ending

    Heidi Frazier’s bookstore in Lexington is built on her love of sharing literature

    Energy Notes

    How Smart Appliances Interact with the Grid

    Approaches range from providing basic consumption information to controlling home appliances from your smartphone

    Texas USA

    Demands of the Job Are Off the Charts

    Preserving historic documents, where bits and pieces of the past are hanging by a thread, is a meticulous undertaking


    Guided by the Writing on the Wall

    In quest to spring people and tales to life, writer visits places real and imagined—always shadowed by humility

    Texas History

    Rain, You Blasted Sky!

    R.G. Dyrenforth lofted kites and balloons carrying dynamite into the skies of Texas, convinced it would rattle rain loose from the clouds

    TCP Kitchen

    Smart Cookies

    Author and Pedernales Electric Cooperative member suggests a cookie a day, along with timely tidbits that are easy to digest

    August 2013 Photo Contest

    Focus on Texas: Let’s Eat!

    Hey, there’s plenty here for everyone, so dig in

    Hit the Road

    Texas Quilt Museum

    Exhibits in La Grange piece together the artistry from around the world and across the centuries that pays tribute to cozy family heirlooms

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