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TCP Talk

    Co-op People

    New Texas Co-op Power Website to the Rescue

    Cookie crisis ends with new recipe, happy kids

    Power Connections

    Historic Connection

    The first house powered under the Rural Electrification Administration 75 years ago was right here in Texas

    Texas USA

    Cow College

    Whoa there, pardner: There’s more to raising cattle than just throwing a few head in a pasture


    The Sun has Risen ...

    and the sun has set … am I back in West Texas yet?

    Footnotes in Texas History

    The Diamond King

    Dr. James I. Lighthall’s Indian Medicine Show

    Kevin’s Kitchen

    No Tricks, Just Treats

    Homemade Halloween goodies are perfect for ghoulish gatherings

    October 2010 Photo Contest

    Focus on Texas: EEEEK!

    With Halloween just around the corner, it seems fitting to pay homage to that which makes you squeal

    Hit the Road

    Mesmerizing Marshall

    This East Texas town is chock-full of charm

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