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TCP Talk

    Check it Out: Calories to Kilowatts

    Texas State University in San Marcos claims ‘largest human power plant in the world’

    Power Connections

    This Yellow Bus Runs Green

    All aboard for electric-powered transportation


    Love, Legends and Lore

    From vinegar and vice and back to nice, valentines are perfect for hopeful hearts

    Texas USA

    Water from Stone

    Rancher J. David Bamberger preaches the gospel of reclaiming damaged ranch land

    Footnotes in Texas History

    Sally Rand: Barely There

    Legendary dancer helped Texas celebrate its heritage

    Kevin’s Kitchen

    There’s No Knead To Fear

    Any would-be bread baker can rise to the occasion

    Hit the Road

    Artsy San Angelo

    Pack your wagons and head out west. Business is booming, especially where the arts are concerned.

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