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A Year After Storms, Recovery Continues
Empty foundations and missing trees mark the areas hardest hit by 2017 storms

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    Widespread damage to electrical transmission infrastructure required extensive repairs that took weeks, but TVEC crews and engineers were able to reroute power from other areas to get power to all TVEC members within days of the storm.
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    Debris and damaged vehicles that lined county roads have been cleared away, but the landscape remains scarred and devoid of trees in many areas.
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    The tornadoes’ winds brought down nearly 300 electrical distribution poles.

Looking at a current online map, you still wouldn’t see the devastation of April 29, 2017. From ground level, however, nothing seems to match up to either the map or the memory. Foundations remain at the end of overgrown driveways. Piles of trees and debris dot pastures, some smoldering and others still to be burned.

In other areas, the brute force of the storms is still evident in the trees. Like the rest of the tornado-damaged landscape, they are sprouting new growth out of the solid trunks that somehow withstood the wind’s onslaught.

As we look back at the most destructive storm in TVEC’s 80-year history, we remain grateful for the amazing community support during the days after the storm.

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