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Hands and Heart in the Community
Mid-South Synergy partners with KBTX Food for Families to lend a helping hand

The holidays are a time for family and fellowship; large meals and friendly gatherings make for treasured and memorable times with loved ones. But for some, the holidays can be a painful reminder of trying times and daily struggles. As neighbors, we must reach out to those in need to lend a helping hand. The annual KBTX Food for Families food drive gives us the opportunity for just that. It’s a chance to show a little grace and kindness when the world can seem cold and unwelcoming.

Each December at the Food for Families food drive, folks gather from around Grimes and Madison counties to help out friends and neighbors. The day begins before sunrise, when volunteers assemble, coffee in hand. Hope and anticipation for what the day may hold seem to outweigh any impending weather that normally accompanies a December day in Texas. Donors, visitors and volunteers stop by in waves but are always met with a smile and appreciation. Local schools display a sense of pride as their donations are unloaded from school buses; they can’t wait to share how their students came together to contribute to the cause. Young students sort food and box meals while local businesses and community members volunteer their time to make a difference. Everyone involved is taking part in something much bigger than themselves.

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As you sit down with your family during the holidays, take a look around—how can you provide a helping hand?

Mid-South Synergy invites you to come out and join us in fellowship and to take part in your opportunity to make a difference in your community.

The annual KBTX Food for Families food drive, in partnership with the Brazos Valley Food Bank, will take place December 5 at the Mid-South Synergy headquarters in Navasota and the Kimbro Center in Madisonville from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Donations can be made at either location, and anything collected will remain in its respective county.

For more information on what to donate and how, visit kbtx.com/foodforfamilies or bvfb.org.

The Brazos Valley Food Bank seeks to eliminate hunger by the distribution of food and grocery products through a network of nonprofit organizations while providing education and community awareness on issues of hunger.

To volunteer in Grimes or Madison counties or to organize a food drive within your school, email Erin Hughes at ehughes@midsouthsynergy.com.

KBTX Food for Families

December 5, 2018 | 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Mid-South Synergy headquarters, Navasota

Kimbro Center, Madisonville


Items Needed:

Beans (canned or dried)

Vegetables (canned)

Canned meats

Cereal (family or individual size)

Cereal bars



Diapers (child and adult)


Fruits (canned)

Mac and cheese

Fruit cups (shelf stable)

Granola bars

Jam and/or jelly

Juice boxes (individual size)

Ketchup and mustard

Vienna sausages (pop-top)


Paper towels

Peanut butter

Pudding (shelf stable)

Rice ravioli



Soup (regular and pop-top)

Toilet paper

Tuna (regular and pop-top)

Tuna and/or chicken salad kits

Bottled water


(Nonperishables only. No homemade or perishable items will be accepted.)

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