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Solar Installations Available
If you have been considering a solar PV system, we now offer Solar by Medina EC for you

Medina Electric Cooperative is proud to announce we are offering solar arrays and installations for members. This is a project that cooperative staff spent a long time researching, and we are excited to be able to offer this new service.

Through Solar by Medina EC, members can purchase a 5-kilowatt, ground-mounted solar photovoltaic system with installation for $15,000 plus tax. There can be additional installation charges, but those will be determined by cooperative staff during the free site visit. Members will be informed of any additional costs before they make a purchasing decision. Full payment is due before materials can be ordered.

All construction and installation will be done by Medina EC staff or an approved contractor. Medina EC’s licensed staff electrician will perform the final inspection and connect the system to the location and grid.


The amount of energy produced by a 5-kW system varies based on the time of the year and hours of sunlight. A good rule of thumb when looking at all solar PV systems is that for every kW of capacity, the system should produce about 125 kilowatt-hours per month. Using those figures, a 5-kW system should produce about 625 kWh per month.

Selling Power Back

With all distributed generation systems, whether they are purchased from Medina EC or another vendor, the cooperative will purchase electricity generated in excess of electricity consumed at an avoided cost rate.

The avoided cost rate is the cost the cooperative would have incurred had it been required to purchase the energy from a wholesale power supplier. It varies each month and is based on the prior 12 months’ total wholesale power purchase cost, excluding some fees.

The cooperative does not allow banking, or storing, of electricity. That means that you cannot save excess power to offset use later in the same day or billing period; if it is not consumed, electricity is purchased at the avoided cost rate when it is generated.

Because of that, savings will vary depending on when you are producing and using power. A 5-kW system would equate to about $62.50 in savings each month if you are producing the energy at the same time you are using it, but those savings would be lower if you are putting power back on the grid and selling it at the avoided cost rate.

If you have been considering a solar PV system, there are various resources to determine if it is the right purchase for you. Do your homework, and research what you are told by salespeople. Even if you are looking at another vendor and don’t intend to purchase a system from Medina EC, our staff is happy to answer questions to help you.

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