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Penny-full to Plentiful
Members work together to make a difference through Operation Round Up

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    Not part of the difference? Sign your account up using our easy online form.
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    Board President Glenn Schweers presents Julius and Connie Maciel with their grant.
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    Amanda Clark and family with their grant.

Pennies might not seem like they’re more than a nuisance pile of change in your cup holder, but when more than 2,000 members put pennies together, there is more than enough spare change to go around. By giving pennies to Operation Round Up each month, Medina EC’s members made a difference in the lives of lots of people this past year.

ORU gave $3,900 in general donations and awarded $1,200 in H-E-B gift cards to 12 families just during the Christmas season. Read about these donations below.

Members who opt-in to the voluntary ORU program allow their monthly electric bill to be rounded up to the next whole dollar. For example, if your bill is $127.63, it would be rounded up to $128 and 37 cents would be donated to ORU.

Four times a year, ORU awards financial assistance to individuals within the Medina EC service area. Without participation from our members, Medina EC would not be able to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Thank you so much to those members who have chosen to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

Be Part of the Difference

Sign your account up for Operation Round Up using our easy online form.


General Donations

Amanda Clark, Hondo: $2,000
To help cover expenses associated with an IPV machine, which Clark’s insurance denied coverage for after her 21st birthday. Clark has cerebral palsy, atelectisis and restrictive airway disease. The IPV machine is necessary for her comfort and ultimately her survival.

Gerald and Erin RobinUvalde: $1,000
To help with equine therapy for their son, Blake, who was born with Spina Bifida and is wheelchair bound.

Julius and Connie MacielHondo: $500
To use for medical expenses they have from Connie’s battle with diabetes and her dialysis treatments while she awaits a kidney transplant.

Cynthia PolancoHondo: $400
Polanco, mother to two young children, is finishing her degree in education. In order to meet the final requirement of the degree plan, student teaching without pay, she had to resign from her full-time job. This money helped her with bills prior to her graduation in December.


Operation Grocery Give: $150 H-E-B Gift Cards

  • Jeraldo and Rita J. Ramirez, Uvalde
  • Mariah M. Valle, Castroville
  • Roberto and Melida Escobar, Roma
  • Sulema C. Rodriguez, Batesville
  • Tony and Jo Francis Massey, Uvalde
  • Elizabeth Castro, Laredo
  • Leonel and Olga G. Mata, Natalia
  • Rafaela Cantu, Rio Grande City

Next Deadline is February 1

If you know an individual who could use some financial assistance, encourage them to apply for funds from Medina EC’s Operation Round Up program, or submit an application on their behalf. Applications are available in Spanish, and can be filled out and submitted entirely online.

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