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December 2021

Guys on the Go

So much respect for all our co-op guys [Earliest Inconvenience, September 2021]. They go wherever they’re needed, whenever they’re needed, and stay as long as they’re needed.


Peggy Laging | Via Facebook


Making It Happen

The evening of the big freeze, I drove from my home in Crawford to Marble Falls to visit my disabled brother [Co-ops Shine, October 2021]. My wife was left alone to face the rigors of the freeze, and because of the work of Heart of Texas EC, she had power almost the entire time. I am deeply appreciative of all the work the co-op employees put in to make that happen.

Stan and Jane Jarosz, Heart of Texas EC | Crawford


Superb Service

Our San Patricio EC is excellent. Always great service in the field and at the office. They keep customers informed and repair in a timely manner. We never lost power during the freeze.

Sue Sparkman | Via Facebook


A Stable Career

We sure need more horse vets [Second to None, September 2021].

Kate Jacobs | Via Facebook


Walking Through History

As a kid my brothers and I scoured this same Hill Country looking for arrowheads and other stuff, even chasing a few goats along the way [Raising the Stakes, September 2021].

John Taliaferro has a way of telling a story that makes you feel like you’re walking along with him and getting a history lesson at the same time. He talks Texan.

Dale Yardley, Cherokee County EC | Jacksonville


Finding Contentment

I am content with my old house, too [Not About To Fixate, October 2021]. I’ve been through the remodels, and all get old and out of style sooner than later. It’s wonderful to be content with what one has. I’m glad to know that there is someone else out there who feels like I do.


M.C. Watts, Sam Houston EC | Chester


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