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September 2020

Something’s Fishy Here

While I don’t believe in paranormal activities, all of the items and foods mentioned make me really homesick for the “old” days [Something’s Fishy Here, July 2020].


Sarena Michaels, Little Elm | CoServ


Georgia O’Keeffe in Texas

Thank you for the brilliant story on Georgia O’Keeffe by Chris Burrows [Palo Duro Love Letters, July 2020]. It is great with the large photos and timely information about the new book. We had visited the Canyon campus in 2015 and had a very hard time locating the tiny O’Keeffe section of its holdings. I am so delighted that a new person has taken such an interest.

Priscilla Poupore, Clyde | Taylor EC


Horned Lizards

I used to see them all the time growing up [The Lizard Brigade, June 2020]. I was wondering what happened to them. Good to know they are trying to bring them back.

Gladys Claridge | Via Facebook


Who’s a Texan?

Pam LeBlanc’s decision that she is indeed a Texan [No Longer a Yankee, July 2020] may be a bit premature. Stating that her “personal vehicle is a bicycle, with a Fiat Spyder convertible as a backup” tends to make me believe she is an Austinite rather than a Texan.

Charles Busbey, Dripping Springs | Pedernales EC


I have an opposite story from Pam’s. I am a 67-year-old native-born Texan who has lived out of Texas since I was 25. I am still Texan, not Floridian.

Gayl Mikeska Brotherton Laird, DeFuniak Springs, Florida | Taylor EC


Vintage Winedale

The performances and, most of all, the students bringing Shakespeare’s characters brilliantly to life are the highlight of the summer for me. I so enjoyed Clayton Maxwell’s memory of Shakespeare at Winedale [Sweet Adversity, July 2020], with her perspective on what it was like to be a part of it all, onstage, 30 years before.

Linda St. Clair, Austin | Pedernales EC


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