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January 2020

Fair Is Fair

Not only did my dad teach me how to drive a standard pickup but also to change a flat tire before I took driver’s ed [Ranch Hands on the Wheel, October 2019]. But when the high school instructor said only us girls had to change one, I stated I knew how and felt the boys should also. I wasn’t giving in (it was a requisite to take the written test), so in the end all the boys had to also. Even my cousin was mad at me, but I felt fair was fair.


Pamela Jones Maass | Via Facebook


Not 10 and 2?

Great nostalgic writing [Ranch Hands on the Wheel, October 2019]. I can go further back when there were NO seatbelts and hands on steering wheel position was 3 and 9.

Vivian Willis | Via Facebook


Honor Our Vets

Wreaths Across America [November 2018] prompted me to donate wreaths for this nationwide organization. This is a fantastic opportunity to honor our vets, and I will be donating again this year. I am hoping the follow-up article [Leader of Kind Strangers, November 2019] about Ellen Fuller, co-chair of this statewide effort in Texas, will encourage more people to donate.

Joyce Hiser | Crandall
Trinity Valley EC


Stagecoach Secrets

I was once afforded access to areas off-limits to the general public, including the rooms and attic of the original Stagecoach Inn building [Stopping by the Stagecoach, November 2019]. That was neat enough, but the real treat was a hidden cave that was originally used for vegetable storage back in the 1800s. It was where Sam Bass hid out before leaving the next day for Round Rock, where he met his demise.

I treated myself to a scrumptious meal of fried catfish, which included the wonderful cornbread fingers that the inn is still famous for serving. Looks like a trip down Interstate 35 is in order.

Bill Peake | Frisco


Banner Day for Co-ops

Last year, I lost my husband, Bill Casey, and have been learning how to do so many things on my own. We had a strong windstorm last spring, and my flagpole got dislodged from its concrete mooring. Pedernales EC decided to take this on as a public service, and on October 8, workers came out in their trucks and reset and welded the flagpole back into position.


Before they left, we put up the Texas flag, and it was wonderful to see it flying in front of the house again.


Karen Casey | Cypress Mill
Pedernales EC


Value of VFDs

My wife and I own our home and a 5-acre horse farm in rural Collin County. We also own a small cabin in Arkansas. Both houses are served by electric co-ops. Fire protection for both dwellings is provided by volunteer fire departments [Putting Others First, October 2019].

Each property owner in Arkansas served by a VFD is a member of the VFD and is assessed dues annually by state law. Payment of the dues is not mandatory, but if not paid by the member and a fire occurs, the member will be billed for the cost of responding to the fire.

I have contacted our state representative about having a similar dues requirement in Texas for VFDs but have not seen or heard of any action being taken on this matter.

James Truemper | Farmersville
Fannin County EC


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