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November 2019

A Nod and a Wink

In 1954, I was a fourth grader in Odessa. On Saturday afternoons, my sister and I watched the only show on television, several hours of West Texas talent. Roy Orbison was on this show—if not every Saturday, close to it. We really didn’t think at that time that he had talent [Wink’s Spectacle, September 2019].


The next thing we knew, he is doing very well for himself. So much for the opinions of a 7- and 9-year-old.


Nancy Lewis | Wimberley

Pedernales EC


Other Musical Greats

Chet Garner began by mentioning Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin, George Strait and Roy Orbison because they were born in small Texas towns [Wink’s Spectacle, September 2019]. He missed the singer with by far the best voice that was born in a small Texas town—Johnny Mathis, from Gilmer.

Joe E. and Sharon McIntyre


Big Bend Beckons

The Window Trail is an easy hike that emanates from the Chisos Mountain Lodge and provides a truly wondrous view of the valley below. And to see Casa Grande Peak lit up at sunrise is a sight one never forgets. Thanks to E. Dan Klepper [Big Bend’s Golden Triangle] and Joe Nick Patoski [Which Big Bend?] in September for their superb commentaries.

Tim O’Neil | Paige
Bluebonnet EC


Definitely on my bucket list! I’ve been to Big Bend twice but never Fort Davis!

Patricia Janecek Burt | Via Facebook


I enjoyed Which Big Bend?, but it needed some fact-checking. Big Bend National Park gets about 400,000 visitors annually, not 4 million.

Cathryn Hoyt | Big Bend National Park
Rio Grande EC

Editor’s note: Our astute readers help keep us sharp, for which we are grateful. The online version of this story has been corrected.


Point of History

As a Texas history teacher for more than 30 years, I often use Texas Co-op Power articles as supplementary reading in my classroom. I was excited to see the story about Gail Borden but was disappointed it did not mention that he was one of the original 300 colonists brought by Stephen F. Austin—something your readers learned from their seventh grade teachers but probably have forgotten [Gail Borden’s Follies, September 2019].

Donna English | Highland Village


Bush’s Bailout

Any military pilot who read your Almanac item in Currents [September 2019] probably could correct the facts surrounding George H.W. Bush’s being downed by anti-aircraft fire in 1944. Ejection seats didn’t exist in 1944, so he actually went over the side (bailed out), hitting his head as he did so.

Willy Carroll | Kerrville
Central Texas EC


Sally the Mountain Lion

Fun in the Past Tense [August 2019] mentioned a mountain lion named Sally that a man from Pearsall had kept as a pet. That man was my father, Jack “Hoss” Keith.

The bigger mountain lion in the same museum is Charlie. During breeding, Charlie killed Sally. My father was well known in the Pearsall area as an avid cat hunter with his dogs.

Allen Keith | Boerne
Bandera EC

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