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October 2019

Caddo Legend Rings True

The lady who received $900 for her pearl was a neighbor of my parents and grandparents in the Lewis community in Cass County [Caddo’s Gems, August 2019]. Years ago, my mother told me about her first cousin, Louis Thrower. He wanted to get married but had no money.


He went diving for pearls and found one that enabled him to buy his fiancée a ring, and he even had a little money left over to start their married life together.


Mary Echols | Kildare
Bowie-Cass EC


More About Murata

There is a section about Sachihiko Ono Murata and the Caddo Lake pearls [Caddo’s Gems, August 2019] in my dad’s book, Caddo Was ... . My dad writes that he interviewed Murata after the bombing of Pearl Harbor for a newspaper story. There were rumors that Murata was a spy and used “high-powered radio equipment” to report to the Japanese government.

But Murata had no electricity, and his radio equipment was “a collection of outdated throw-away junk, spliced together with pieces of discarded house wiring” powered by a dry-cell battery. After the article was published, the rumors disappeared.

Frances Hare | Garland
Panola-Harrison EC


Early Days of Electricity

We were living in Knox County, where my daddy’s family had settled around 1900. I remember the electric light that hung above my parents’ bed [Reliable as Electricity, August 2019]. Daddy loved to read, so after his day of farming and supper, he stretched out on the bed under the light to read.

One day in 1945, we had a thunderstorm, and like any 2-year-old, I sought safety next to my daddy when I was frightened. Imagine how scared we all were when lightning struck and a ball of orange fire came down that electrical wire and blew out the lightbulb.

Marilyn Godfrey | Stephenville
United Cooperative Services


Flicker of Truth

Enjoy the tidbit info like Smokey Bear turns 75 [No Candles, Please, Currents, August 2019].

Danny Gerold | via Facebook


Not Pulling Your Chain

I noticed an error in 75th Anniversary Timeline: Rural Life [August 2019].

Stihl would like people to think that it introduced the first one-man chain saw. In fact, the first one-man, gasoline-powered chain saw was introduced in 1946 by IEL with the model name Beaver. This saw took the industry by storm and forced other chain saw manufacturers to either design a one-man chain saw or go bankrupt.

I have worked in the chain saw industry almost my whole life and have collected them for about 20 years—having amassed about 250, dating from the 1940s.

Paul Watkins | Savoy
Grayson-Collin EC


Big Screen, Big Memories

I think my first was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The more I tried to remember the first movie I saw at my town’s iconic drive-in, the more I remember all the great summer and early fall nights watching the big screen light up the whole parking lot.

Drive In, Chill Out [June 2019] was quite a nice little invitation to remember an experience that newer generations can miss out on. I fully intend to make sure my children get to experience it.

Argentina Dearing | Navasota
Mid-South Synergy

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