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November 2018

A Ramble Sample

The travel issue with emphasis on the Hill Country was great [Hill Country Ramble, September 2018]. I have been to a musical performance at Cave Without a Name and recommend it. Doug Baum and his camels participated in San Antonio’s Fiesta celebrations this past year—that was a sight to behold!


Rebecca Massirer Lopez | Crawford
Heart of Texas EC


Respect the Name

If you are going to quote a famous Texan, you need to get the name correct [Heck of a Comment, Currents, August 2018]. It is David Crocket [sic] not Davey [sic]. Davey came from a reporter—see the trend here—and he hated the nickname. Please show the defender of the Alamo the respect he is due.

Pamela Biffle | Via Facebook


Recipe Testing

I was born in Mexico, and at the time, we didn’t use the jalapeño chile fresh [The Secret to Salsa, August 2018]. Try salsa cruda with serrano chile.

Vigue Perry | Schertz


There are many of us who must eat gluten free, and the number is growing. Could you print a couple of gluten-free, low-carbohydrate recipes each month, along with your other delicious recipes—so we don’t feel left out?

Harriet L. Bishop | Kyle


Do You Tweet?

I made up a whistled tune and repeated outside for several days. Sure enough, I heard a mockingbird emulate it [The Original Texas Songster, August 2018].

Gary Lewis | Via Facebook


I love playing with “mockers.” You whistle, and they answer but one better. You can’t beat them.

Charles Booher | Via Facebook


Lured to Luling

Lolling Around Luling [August 2018] aroused our interest, so we set off to explore Luling! Because it was Labor Day, both the oil museum and Luling Foundation were closed. We did walk through the grounds of the Zedler Mill. What hidden treasures! My husband and I plan on visiting again so we can discover more of Luling’s history.

We have lived in Victoria almost eight years and have been to many places in Texas because they were featured in your magazine. They give us a feel of the people, culture and history of Texas.

Lavina Zempel | Victoria
Victoria EC


On Matters of Aid

As a Bolivian living in Texas, I was delighted to read that six electric cooperatives generously supplied electricity to three underdeveloped rural villages in Bolivia [Bringing Light to Bolivia, Currents, August 2018].

I’m not surprised that locals were appreciative. Both Texans and Bolivians share a mutual love of community. The electricity will certainly bring more commerce and opportunity to these remote villages.

Maria Ines Grant | Fort Worth
Tri-County EC


Very nice that our National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation would donate $35,000 to Bolivian rural electrification. I do not begrudge the Bolivians, just want to see what can be done to help our own. Charity begins at home.

Joe Anne Daigre | Friendswood


On Top of the Globe

The Globe of the Great Southwest was started by Marjorie Morris, a professor at Odessa College [All the State’s a Stage, August 2018]. My parents were hired by her to do summer Shakespeare festivals there for 10 years, from 1968 to 1978.

Brett McCally Davis | Via Facebook

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