Letters to the Editor

December 2017

Never a Humdrum Day

One of our linemen, Edward Varnador, saw this hummingbird trying to fly in the truck barn at Medina EC, where I also work.


It had been in the barn for several days trying to get out, but it had string wrapped around its body and feet.


The little bird was worn out from trying to fly and it fell to the ground. Edward picked it up and unwound the string from it before setting it free. These rough, tough lineman hands were so tender and delicate to remove

the string from this little fellow.


Linda Speed | Pearsall
Medina EC

About Those Ribs ...

We are fascinated with John Madison’s ribs but are hesitant to try it [Smoky Fall-off-the-Bone Ribs, October 2017]. Please explain the purpose of cooking the ribs in waxed paper. We barbecue often but have never heard of this method. The paper does not melt or stick to the ribs?


Sandi Appelt | Brenham
Bluebonnet and Pedernales ECs


Food Editor Paula Disbrowe responds: Madison’s method of double-wrapping the ribs in waxed paper and aluminum foil was new to me, as well. Essentially, he’s trying to preserve moisture by sealing in the juices. The waxed paper does not melt or stick to the ribs (thanks to the rendered meat fat); however, you also can use butcher paper or parchment—or simply use aluminum foil.

Youth Tour Optimism

I trust that this journey will have opened their eyes and hearts to the need that people of character be in office and guide our country in the right way [The State With the Most, October 2017].

Jacky Manchester | Van Alstyne
Grayson-Collin EC


Impressive group of young people. If the rest of the nation raises such fine students, the future of the country is in good hands.

Paul Velez | Kyle
Pedernales EC


Dia de los Muertos

I enjoyed reading Dia de los Muertos [October 2017] and learning how to celebrate our friends and relatives who have passed on. I like the tradition. ¡Muchas gracias!

David Fischer | Georgetown
Pedernales EC


From the TCP Kitchen

I was given Paula Disbrowe’s Cowgirl Cuisine: Rustic Recipes and Cowgirl Adventures From a Texas Ranch cookbook when it came out. I have made a good impression following her recipes when I bring food to gatherings. Scorpion Tails [Some Like it Hot, August 2017] are labor-intensive but so worth it.

DO chill the filling overnight.

DO use the listed cheeses.

DO find the pequillo peppers for the sauce topping.

Broiling until browned, not blackened, makes a huge difference.

My cook’s tip: Using a serrated grapefruit spoon to gut the jalapenos during prep is much easier than a paring knife.

I made a huge batch of 30 recently for a fête and gobbled down five before I could stop myself.

Shelley Meyer | Canyon Lake
Pedernales EC


Yay for Snow Days

As a 7-year-old in 1957 in Arlington, Virginia, I remember we had a big blizzard that year, too [Letters, Derailed by Blizzard, October 2017]. I used to watch the weather report and noticed our big snowstorms always came out of Texas.

To a little schoolboy, a foot of snow meant freedom. Too bad it started to snow on Saturday and not Sunday night.

Mark Borchelt | Roby
Big Country EC