Letters to the Editor

November 2017

Special Ranch Hand

The August 2017 issue said that President Lyndon B. Johnson flew to his LBJ Ranch 74 times during his five years in office [Currents, Smoke-Filled Shindigs]. My uncle, Marine Corps Maj. Kenneth Evans Sr., was one of Johnson’s helicopter pilots.

Marcy Evans-Cole | Hempstead
San Bernard EC


Workshop Remedy

Tame the Flame [Recipes, August 2017] recommended wearing rubber gloves when chopping hot peppers. I simply chop them and then go to the garage. I spray my fingers liberally with WD-40 and wipe them down with a paper towel. Then I wash my hands as I normally would. The WD-40 dissolves the oil in the peppers, and soap removes the WD-40. No problem.

Roger Werchan | Conroe
Former Mid-South Synergy


Memories of Fort Hood

The Dawn of Fort Hood [Currents, January 2017] brought back fond memories for my mom. She and my dad married in June 1942 and moved to Killeen, where my dad (Bob Foster) worked at Fort Hood. He was a timekeeper, and because of the size of the property, he was given a horse to ride to ensure that the men who clocked in to work were still working and did not wander off.

Sharon Horine | Brown County
Comanche EC


New London Lesson

A very important result of the tragedy [The New London School Explosion, January 2017] was the establishment of the Texas Engineering Practice Act. The act requires those who engineer public projects (roads, bridges, dams, schools, water supply systems, etc.) to be duly licensed by the state as having the education, experience and ability to design such projects in a way that protects the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Eric Ratzman | Leander
Pedernales EC


Familiar Face

I loved Outlaw Healers [September 2016], about the Milling brothers. My great-grandfather lived in Cisco about that time, and I am sure that they probably met.

The photo of the man is a dead ringer for (a younger) James Keach!

Anita Kemper via Facebook | Coleman
Coleman County EC

Doting Mother

Enjoyed the article on the Rio Grande Valley at night [What Lurks in the Murk, August 2017]. The picture of the people looking at the wolf spider was good, but you cannot see the spider.


It brought back a memory from last August: watching a female wolf carrying her babies on her back on my driveway. Quite a sight to see with her back covered, and if one got off she would pick it up and place it back on her back.


Michael Lanty
Concho Valley EC

Life-Changing Event

I was born in 1943 at home in a rural part of Bowie County near Old Boston. My dad bought a Servel butane fridge in 1945 [above], a remarkable appliance that I still own today—but no comparison to what followed in 1946: Dad had our 750-square-foot home wired for electricity.


The family gathered in the living room when the first wall switch was turned on to see the light from a single bulb in a ceramic fixture in the center of the ceiling. A lifetime-changing event.


It is easy to take for granted the advances in technology we all enjoy today through the success of Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative powering rural East Texas.


Kenneth Elliott
Bowie-Cass EC

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