TCP Talk

January 2017

Tesla’s Grand Visions

Although your item compares today’s cellphones and internet with Nikola Tesla’s comments of 1926, I feel you missed the point [Currents, Man of Vision, November 2016]. Our current technologies are a pale reflection of his vision.

His vision saw the earth as the medium of information transmission. Most likely he saw it being freely available, as were his early desires with such devices as the Wardenclyffe Tower. We have yet to meet his grand visions.

Robert Ireland | Tyler
Cherokee County EC


On Cloud Nine

After I read the Blue Angels article [Angels and Daredevils, November 2016], I looked up their schedule and found out they will be at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi on April 1. Our 7-year-old would love this show. He makes us eat at our local airport regularly. I hope to get tickets for that show.

Jeanie Muegge | Fayetteville
Fayette EC


Rising Stars

I so enjoyed the article about the linemen [Line of Duty, October 2016]. They truly do have a higher calling. I was wondering if the linemen will hold an autographing session, especially for the gentleman on the front cover. After all, they are celebrities.

Dianne Calame | Mineola
Wood County EC


Line of Duty was a wonderful and informative article. I usually read my Texas Co-op Power cover to cover, but I must admit my first stop is Recipes.

Jessie Fuger | Pipe Creek
Bandera EC


Rural Internet Service

I have experienced rural internet service that is slow to nonexistent to unavailable to ridiculously expensive [Currents, Narrowing of Broadband, September 2016]. Being unhappy with the status quo, I did some research and concluded that a local provider with line-of-sight service was the route to go. I’m in a low-lying area, so I needed to acquire and erect a 50-foot tower for an antenna. Reception has been vastly superior to the DSL that I had disconnected, and it offers plenty of bandwidth.

Ed Dolzel | Perry
Navasota Valley EC

Remembering Nelda Laney

Pete and Nelda Laney [The Capitol Ornament Lady, November 2016] were members of the International Flying Farmers (still active) and Texas Flying Farmers and Ranchers (disbanded). Nelda was IFF Queen in 1973–74 and would be remembered by many of the current members of the organization.


Kay Riggan | Raymondville

Magic Valley EC


Illustration by John Wilson

Staying Connected in Haiti

Electricity is important, especially when the supply is limited. I just returned from doing hurricane assessment work in Haiti. In the town of Jean-Rabel, power was not regularly available, so a generator was on standby to supply electric power to a church and the associated school.


Near the front of the church was a board [above] that was used by students to charge cellphones. Tracing the power cord, I found two bare wires plugged into a wall outlet. It was not being used because the generator had run out of fuel.


Herb Nordmeyer | Castroville
Medina EC


Editor’s Note: Co-ops have helped deliver electricity to more than 140 million people in 43 developing countries, including Haiti. Linemen from several co-ops in Texas have volunteered to work in Haiti through NRECA International.

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