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Web Extras

October 2020 Web Extras

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Why Horses Wear Shoes

Texas farriers truly know the way to a horse’s heart


By the Numbers

The countless ways electric co-ops make a difference across Texas

Finish This Sentence

When I Think of Texas, I Think of …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence


Memorable Moment

Look for striking portraits in your everyday life

October 2020 Photo Contest

Focus on Texas: Selfies

We hope you like looking at selfies as much as you like taking them

Texas USA

Oil Field Mysticism

The quest to find buried treasure produced scammers and their gadgets

Footnotes in Texas History

Boomtown Pandemic

The deadly flu outbreak of 1918 hit oil fields hard


What’s Old Is New Again

Some of the topics we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue


Reel Moments

Film trails guide cinephiles through a slice of Texas’ silver screen history

TCP Kitchen

Buckles, Betties, Cobblers and Crisps

That’s lots of names for turning fruit and a crunchy topping into irresistible treats

TCP Kitchen

Game Day Eats

We’ve got you covered, from tailgating to the fourth quarter

TCP Kitchen

Cool Foods

Chill out with salads, slaws and sauerkraut

TCP Kitchen

Hot Off the Grill

The smoke and sizzle signal something special is on the grill; here’s what we recommend

Hit the Road With Chet Garner

Matagorda Island Lighthouse

Ancient tower once guided ships to Indianola

Hit the Road With Chet Garner

Fronds in High Places

Sabal Palm Sanctuary in Brownsville brings hikers into archaic avian grove

Hit the Road With Chet Garner

Mysterious Message

Prehistoric rock art at White Shaman Preserve seems to tell a story

Hit the Road With Chet Garner

Something’s Fishy Here

Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie takes you deep-fried to the other side

Energy Efficiency

Cool Off Your Winter Energy Bill

Try these tips to make savings add up

Energy Efficiency

Save Energy at Your Small Business

Upgrades and changes in behavior can help cut costs in the workplace


Swim Safely This Summer

Pay attention to weather and possible hazards when using electricity


Co-ops Warn of COVID-19 Scams

Fraudsters are preying on consumers

Are you a co-op member?

Don't ask again