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February 2020 Web Extras
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Web Extra: Tina Webb, Bluebonnet EC: “The power of water is the love of many. Fishing is a favorite pastime, and the pursuit of that big fish is captivating.”

Several stories in the February magazine feature Web Extras, with additional information and photos available online. Here are links to stories where you’ll find web-exclusive content marked Web Extra.

A Tale of Texas Crawfish
Crawfish watch the weather. They, and folks who like to eat them, should hope for a mild winter.

Meat and Greet
Where there’s smoke, there’s photographer Wyatt McSpadden, who travels the state because he loves barbecue. Of course, he loves to eat it. But his quest surpasses primal needs. Through his lenses, the meat, heat, pitmasters and patina of the barbecue joints become art. He presents a collection of his photographs in Texas BBQ. Enter today for your chance to win a copy of the book.

TAGS: Food, People

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