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Why am I receiving this magazine?
Texas Co-op Power is a benefit provided by your local electric cooperative and Texas Electric Cooperatives, the nonprofit association of more than 60 Texas co-ops. close

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I have an idea for a story.  Whom do I contact?
Many of our story ideas come from readers. Contact us to let us know about it.

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I have a complaint, compliment or suggestion.  What should I do?
Write to us! We love to hear from our readers. Your input helps us gauge how we are doing, what we need to do more/less of, and what our co-op members are thinking.

Each month, we publish a few of the many letters we receive in our Letters column, part of the Power Talk section in the magazine. You can find links to even more letters in each online issue’s Table of Contents, available in our Magazine Archives. You can submit letters by using the online form. Please include the name of your town and electric co-op. Letters may be edited for clarity and length.

Help finding archived stories[ open all ]

Back a few months/years ago there was an article about hummingbirds, or maybe it was just a big picture of a hummingbird and a story about a bird trainer. I really can’t remember for sure. All I know is I liked it and can’t find my copy. Can I get another one?
We get these kinds of requests all the time. Maybe it was a recipe for a cake mold or a story about greyhounds or a picture of a kid holding an ice cream cone. The good news is, on our newly designed website we have story and keyword searching capabilities.
However, only the past few years are now included in our search engine. If what you are looking for was prior to 2007 you may not find it in our online archives. In those cases, we will try to help find it for you. The more information you can provide, the better, especially if you know the exact month or even the year. But, if all you know is the topic, we can try. Fill out the submission form[link to general submission form]. If you’d rather call or e-mail a staff member, go to Contact Us.

Updating your mailing address or account[ open all ]

How can I change my address?
The mailing labels correspond to the billing address on file at your electric cooperative. The Texas Co-op Power mailing address should update automatically when you move to a new co-op service area. After a few months, if your magazine is still going to the wrong address, contact your local co-op. close

Submitting photos, recipes and other materials to editors[ open all ]

How do I submit digital photos for Focus on Texas?
You must be a co-op member to submit photos for Focus on Texas. Visit our Contests page to see our current contests and send us your entry.

Writer Guidelines[ open all ]

Do you have submission guidelines for freelance writers?
Yes. Download the guidelines. close

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