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Hoofbeats Academy, the best little adaptive horsemanship program in Texas will host the 1st Annual Hoofbeats Academy Birthday Party, April 13th from 3-7PM in the pasture at Hoofbeats Academy in Manor, Texas. Join us in celebrating Hoofbeats Academy horses and all horses who came before and who will come after. Celebrate their beauty, intelligence and heart and the gifts they bring to so many. Come for music, food and door prizes. Take a tour of the stable. Meet our horses. Learn about Hoofbeats Academy. Donate. Fill the horse trailer! Bring a 35 gallon bag of clothing and get a discount on admission. Hoofbeats Academy will benefit, you lose clutter and gain fun. Hoofbeats Academy is a 501c3 public charity. EIN 45-4978479

19949 Blake Manor Road, Manor, TX, 78653

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