Power Connections

Ditch the Ducts for Cool Air

Energy Star-rated ductless system can cut energy costs by 30 percent

Power Connections

Co-op Spirit Gone Global

Electric co-ops join worldwide celebration of member-owned businesses during International Year of Cooperatives

Power Connections

Big-Screen Savings

Conduct your own research and stay tuned for more energy-saving tips


Call It a (W)rap

Co-op Teens Power Texas video contest winners get everybody singing about electricity

Energy Basics

Where Does My Power Come From?

Electricity changes hands a few times between the power plant and your home

Power Connections

Historic Connection

The first house powered under the Rural Electrification Administration 75 years ago was right here in Texas

Energy Efficiency

Get Smart!

The rewarding potential of ‘smart homes’

Electric Notes

Co-ops Celebrate 75 Years of Rural Electrification

Co-ops are independent and collectively owned and governed by member/customers

Energy-Efficient Habits

Keep an Eye on Your Electrical Use

The Kill-A-Watt provides valuable information about your energy use

Energy Basics

Your Home’s Outlets Aren’t All-Powerful

Symptoms may indicate problems with your electrical system

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