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We are no longer accepting entries for this contest as of August 10, 2015. Please visit our Contests Page for something more current.

Attention, cooks: We’d like to share your best original holiday recipes with 3 million Texas Co-op Power readers and give you a chance to win cash prizes and the acclaim of your friends and family.

Send us your best ORIGINAL pecan recipes to fit in the Savory Dish or Sweet Dish category. Original recipes are those that you develop yourself, not something copied from a book, magazine or friend. Winning recipes will highlight the use of Texas pecans in clever and imaginative ways to dress up savory vegetables, meats and salads, or sweet confections such as cookies, cakes and candies. All recipes must include pecans. Be sure to use real Texas pecans for the best results. To buy Texas pecans, visit the Texas Pecan Board website.

In addition to our $3,000 Grand Prize, we’re also awarding four prizes of $500 each for the recipes deemed best in the Savory Dish and Sweet Dish categories.

We’re excited to see all of this year’s delicious recipes, so pick your favorites and enter the contest today for your chance to win!

IMPORTANT: When entering the contest, please indicate Sweet Dish or Savory Dish in the Notes section of the entry form. Deadline for receipt of entries is August 10, 2015. Winners will be announced in our December 2015 issue.

Official Rules

Deadline for receipt of entries is August 10, 2015. Winners will be announced in our December 2015 issue.

The contest is open to eligible members of electric cooperatives that subscribe to Texas Co-op Power magazine. Up to three total entries are allowed per member, and each should be submitted at Alternately, the recipes may be submitted on separate pieces of paper via U.S. mail or by fax. The recipe must be legibly printed or typed. Each entry sent by mail or fax MUST include the entrant’s name, address and phone number, plus the name of the entrant’s electric cooperative, or it will be disqualified. The same information must be supplied when an entrant registers on (The address and phone number will be used only to contact you with questions about your entry, notify winners or promote a Texas Co-op Power product.) Mailed entries may be submitted in a single envelope. Send entries to: Holiday Recipe Contest, Texas Electric Cooperatives, 1122 Colorado St., 24th Floor, Austin, TX 78701, or fax to (512) 763-3401. No emailed entries will be accepted. No purchase is required. We will not send notice of receipt. Incomplete, illegible or late entries will be disqualified.

Each recipe must include the sponsor’s product (Texas pecans) and be submitted under one of the two categories: Savory Dish or Sweet Dish. Include a complete list of ingredients, including the sponsor’s product, with the exact quantities in the order in which they are used. Specific directions (in paragraph form) must include cookware size (example: 10-inch pie pan), cooking time and temperature, and number of servings. Entries will be judged on originality, taste, ease of preparation, visual appeal and use of the sponsor’s product. Texas Co-op Power will test selected recipes to determine finalists. Recipes will be tested as submitted, so please check carefully for accuracy.

All recipes become property of Texas Co-op Power and will not be returned. By entering this contest, you grant Texas Co-op Power the right to edit for clarity and publish the recipe, with credit, in Texas Co-op Power publications, products and online services and those of its sponsors.

Entries must be the original recipe of the entrant and not previously published. Previously published recipes (such as those appearing in major cookbooks, in magazines, in newspapers, from food companies, found on the Internet and winners in national contests) will be disqualified, unless the recipe entered features changes considered significant by the judges. Decisions regarding qualifications of recipes are at the sole discretion of Texas Co-op Power.

Prizes will be given as follows: an overall grand prize of $3,000 and four category-winning prizes of $500 each, two winners in the Savory Dish category and two in the Sweet Dish category. There will be no substitution or transfer of prizes, except at the discretion of Texas Co-op Power. Texas Co-op Power is not responsible for technical failures in entry transmission or for lost, misdirected or delayed mail. Winners may be required to sign a statement of eligibility and release of liability. This statement includes certification that his or her recipe is original and has not been previously published or publicized. Winners younger than 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the statement of eligibility and release of liability.

Contestants are wholly responsible for all costs incurred and any damage, loss or injury sustained during or resulting from participation in the contest. Winners must be legal residents of the United States at the time of judging. By acceptance of a prize, winners consent to the use of their name and/or photograph for publicity purposes without further compensation. Void where prohibited by law. All federal, state and local regulations apply. Taxes are the responsibility of winners. Names of winners and winning recipes will be published in the December 2015 issue of Texas Co-op Power.

Texas Pecans

The Texas Pecan Board is happy to sponsor the 2015 Texas Co-op Power Holiday Recipe Contest. Texas Pecans are top quality, fresh, and have a taste as big as Texas.


Useful Links


Texas Pecan Board


Texas Pecan Growers Association


National Pecan Shellers Association


What are you cooking?
Add Texas Pecans!


Pecan in the Shell: Buy them from any Texas Pecan Grower for guaranteed freshness and flavor. Crack and eat as fast as you can!


Pecan Halves: Typically bought to add a festive decoration to fresh salads or as a topper to baked goods. Nobody can resist a dish with beautiful pecan halves!


Pecan Pieces: Pecans that have been shelled and cut into pieces, making it easy to add them to fresh items like salads or ice cream or for adding to baking recipes. Try substituting pecan pieces where a recipe calls for other nuts and notice how the flavor increases. Pecan pieces impart lots of pecan flavor into dishes!


Pecan Meal: A byproduct of shelling and processing pecans. Meal will thicken sauces, enhance flavors in baking, can be used as a coating or breading on seafood, chicken or any fried foods and even makes great nut butter.


Pecan Butter: A rich textured spread that can be used as a replacement for other “butters” or spreads and is often used in bakery and confectionery items because of its enhanced “nutty” flavor.


Pecan Oil: Made by pressing the natural oils out of the pecan kernel. One of the highest-quality oils sold, and good for you too! Substitute pecan oil anywhere your recipe calls for oil as a coating or in cooking.

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