Past Contests

April 2020 Contest

Focus on Texas: Sunsets

Like a warm pat of butter melting on a biscuit, a sunset captivates young and old alike

April 2020 Contest

Farmers Market

From field peas to fresh lettuce, a trove of vegetables is in season

March 2020 Contest

Focus on Texas: First Ride

Carnival rides, cars, trucks, bikes, boats, trains, planes, horses, ATVs, jet skis and more—it’s clear that Texans are born to ride!

March 2020 Contest

Crawfish, Oysters, Crab and More

March is prime time for Texas seafood, before Gulf waters warm up

February 2020 Contest

Forget Chocolate, My Sweetie Likes …

Not everyone is wild about chocolate. What unexpected treat do you make for your valentine?

February 2020 Contest

Focus on Texas: Power

Man-made or natural, power drives industry and improves our world

January 2020 Contest

New Year’s Resolution

Share the soups, smoothies and other dishes that get you back in balance in the new year

January 2020 Contest

Focus on Texas: Fences

They say good fences make good neighbors, and those who mend them make lasting connections

December 2019 Contest

Focus on Texas: Deserts

An oasis in the desert, your winning photo is just what we need

December 2019 Contest

Cookies and Candies

To complement this month’s visions of sugar plums, send sublime sweets recipes to savor or share

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