Past Contests

April 2021 Contest

Focus on Texas: Storms

Through hail, cyclones, downpours, hurricanes, snowstorms and cloudbursts, it’s clear that Texans can weather any storm

April 2021 Contest


Fresh herbs can uplift almost any dish. From basil to rosemary and dill to mint, we’re looking for your best recipes using herbs

March 2021 Contest

Focus on Texas: Diners

Greasy spoons, cafés, dives, juke joints, wherever you like to chow down we want to see it

March 2021 Contest


One thing is sure about Texans: We love our tacos, whether they’re soft, crunchy or puffy

February 2021 Contest

Focus on Texas: Saddles

We’re back in the saddle this month asking for your best photos

February 2021 Contest

Quick Breads and Muffins

Do you love muffins? Does your family go crazy for your quick breads?

January 2021 Contest

Focus on Texas: Forests

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, take a hike (and maybe a climb) and show us what you see

January 2021 Contest


A new year is the perfect time to add more vegetables and legumes to your diet

December 2020 Contest

Focus on Texas: On Wheels

Drivers, start your engines. Unicycles, bicycles, horse and buggy, tractors …

December 2020 Contest

The Main Event

Does your family favor turkey, ham, beef or another main dish for the holiday table?

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