Past Contests

December 2021 Contest

Focus on Texas: Bridges

Bridges reach across time and space to connect territories and unite us all

December 2021 Contest

Recipes for Gifting

Homemade gifts speak volumes, and what better way to gift than with something from your kitchen?

November 2021 Contest

Focus on Texas: Funny Signs

We’ve all seen those signs that make us shout “Honey, stop. We’ve GOT to go back!”

November 2021 Contest


Single or double crust, a la mode or unadorned, everyone looks forward to a dessert table laden with pies

October 2021 Contest

Focus on Texas: Fillin’ Stations

From mom and pop stop-n-shops to roadside gas-n-gos, the days of the full-service experience seem to be long gone

October 2021 Contest


Ooey, gooey, savory and even sweet, cheese is an ingredient that spans a range of recipes

September 2021 Contest

Focus on Texas: Rust and Decay

The objects that once played a part in our lives are now silent reminders of our past

September 2021 Contest

Sweet Potatoes

There’s more to sweet potatoes than holiday casseroles

August 2021 Contest

Focus on Texas: Portraits

Snapshots, silhouettes, profiles and more. Who makes up your community?

August 2021 Contest

Kids Cooking

Do you have a mini master chef in your life?

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