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Texas Co-op Power: Bringing Texas Home Since 1944

In 1944, the first issue of Texas Co-op Power magazine rolled off the presses. The modest black-and-white monthly was created to help Texas electric cooperatives communicate with their co-op members.

Over the years, Texas Co-op Power has steadily grown and improved—with more pages, a glossy, full-color format and even more compelling stories—to better inform, educate and entertain members of the state’s electric co-ops.

Every month, more than 1.54 million co-op members find Texas Co-op Power in their homes, making it the largest-circulation publication in Texas. Readership surveys indicate that 78% of readers are considered “regular readers,” having read at least three of the last four issues. And, 94% of readers are “completely satisfied” with the magazine.

Your magazine, your website

Readers have long told us that Texas Co-op Power is their magazine because it is filled with stories and features they care about—stories about Texans, food, travel, history, destinations and important issues, all in a package designed to help make our vast state feel more like one big community.

With TexasCoopPower.com, the staff of Texas Co-op Power hopes to build on that tradition by making the vast Internet feel more like home. Here you will find quick access to familiar content you’ve come to expect, plus resources designed to make busy lives a little more manageable. You will find features available only online, such as tools to share content with friends on Facebook, save your favorite recipes, enter contests and keep up with online updates.

Explore TexasCoopPower.com. You will soon start to think of this as your website.

After you’ve had a chance to roam and try the online tools, we hope to hear from you. Find something you liked? Something we could improve? Give us your feedback by filling out the Contact Us form.

Our mission

Texas Co-op Power is published by your electric cooperative to enhance the quality of life of its member-customers in an educational and entertaining format.

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